please try my christmas carol/scrooge 2016 spread


hi guys.
I would love , and hope someone offers this reading in the reading exchange.
or possibly do the reading in your readings. (though due to the cards number , you may not get that many response so I would encourage if you do it in your readings just for your own interests due to that )

this spread originated in 2008 here.
And I have done the reading over years, and expanded it.
2015 1
2015 2
2015 3
2015 4
2015 5.
2016 number one.

and I offered it sometimes over the past couple of years.
So here is my advice for reading this tarot spread
1. Get a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs on media player and play while you do your Christmas reading.
2. It helps if you know the Christmas carol of course, and seen one or two movies.
3. Pick a deck that is upbeat, has very good graphics.
4. When you read the cards, it is important to give feedback to the feedback but also to give feedback to their feedback. that leads to the deeper reading.

The Christmas past starts with the Christmas past, which up until this year only had 3 positions but I added what could have been as number this year. To bring 4 cards to each position.
It is also an important point in the book that isn’t’ mention much except for George c. Scott version where it shows his crush husband coming to tell her about how sad ebbie looked. And he mused how the kids could have been his.
In the present, everything was already perfect, I did think of removing one card here but it is so important that I felt looking to add a position to the others would do better.
In the possible future, it shows two people happy that they could replay their debts. due to his death
It is important because scrooge asked to see some emotions and that is what the ghost showed him.
In the scrooge, Christmas carol 1970 the musical my mom and I laugh at how he doesn’t know they are cheering and dancing he is dead, and thinks they are loving him.
In the Christmas is here, it had 4 cards so I know it is a 16-card position, but well worth it.
The idea is you use the spread to help a person become like scrooge so they can move forward in their lives.

Umm about the soul message. I used to put it in at the beginning, but then it became an heart of the matter. so, after a while it just felt natural to put it at the end of the reading. I keep it face down till I am done the reading then I turn it over.

The Christmas past positions

1. Your great loss
*scrooge lost his sister and don’t' forget his mom, and his father love"

2. Your great joy
for this position you can refer to when he worked on Mr. Fezziwig and the Christmas party or you can refer to his relationship with bell, Isabella, Emily, in some novels,

3.Your great heartbreak
here this refers to his break up with his love of his life

4. what could have been.
Bell is married and has children

The Christmas present position
5. The teaching
scrooge witnesses Bob Cratchit Christmas dinner and his nephew Fred Christmas party. Also the spirits take scrooge to various Christmas to observe them throughout the land.

6. Your family
his nephew Fred was estranged from him, for some it could be a friend who is like family. How surprised he was to find that his nephew wanted to be his friend so much.

7. Your unexpected friend
he was surprised to see his coworkers expressing friendship and respect for him.

8. The weakness
This is where he is first made aware of tiny Tim and his condition.

The ghost of Christmas future yet to come position.

9. The hidden loss
it is the fact his nephew couldn’t' cry or was shown going to the funeral and lamenting over the fact he couldn’t' know his uncle before he died.

10. how our change can affect others
The two people whose lives are saved by scrooge death

11. The tenderness and loss
the big loss here is tiny Tim, and the idea that he could of did something.

12 The death
his actual death, the shaman must die once to become a shaman, and Christians must be reborn like little children. So here his old self is dying for his new self to be remade

Christmas is here
13. Christmas gift
he wakes up and rejoices that he can still make a difference.

14 Your family
making amends to the family that we didn't know loved us

15. Your unexpected friend
now he made amends to his unexpected friend, and notice this came the next day and not the same day, although he gave the gifting of the turkey

16. Keeping Christmas
he always knew how to keep Christmas, and let it be said of any of us and all of us.

0. The soul message
the message from the creator for you, may not have anything to do with the spread.

I don't have a design for the spread, I just lay down on each other to the left of the keyboard when I am done with a card. so you can lay it out anyway you want.


I will try it for myself, looks interesting!