Plush Tarot


Rota found out I design stuffed toys for a living, and wanted to know if I ever thought of doing a stuffie 'Plush' tarot. Hmm........

Sort of the kind where stuffed toys are done up for each card & photographed, with maybe a trim or fabric border?

I've got WAY too much on my own plate to do this (and am doing a black & white deck anyway) and Rota is working on 2 decks currently, so that's out.

If someone likes the idea we give you permission to run with it! I know there's a leggo type deck, and a teddy bear type deck out, but nothing with standard stuffies making up the characters. Could be fun!


Totally off the subjest but..



Ok so this is totally off the mark and should probably be moved, there anywhere where we can see you designs (tarot included).

I set up my site using yahoo's is a great way to show others your stuff..

PS have you ever designed an animal with Tarot in mind?

Blessings to a fellow sewer and Tarot person



yaaaaayyyy...Death beanie babies, LOL, I want one :D


When i saw made me think of those velveteen color your own picture type things..that could be nifty!


'Plush' can mean anything from velour to fake fur, actually. I haven't designed a stuffed toy with tarot in mind, but a lady has 'tarot doll' items on ebay, just search on those words, but use 'doll' singular, not plural. She posts up a bunch of really interesting stuff, on a rotating basis. Keep checking back.

There are a few places I've got some stuff up online but my own web site is still in production. See the 'plush cthulhu' over here:

That shows what they look like, but the small size isn't available anymore.

I've got a stuffed Bun Bun (rabbit) and Kiki (ferret) over at in their 'store', and I've got two ferrets shown at Picturetrail's site here:

The site with the paper dolls went down in November, unfortunately (it belonged to someone else who had to spend more time as a student than she wanted to so her web page got closed). And all my other pictures were on the old freebie site that went out of business last I lost those. Dammit!

I'm hoping to get some pictures of the ferret tarot up soon, at least by the end of the month.


Woooooow, you designed a plush cthulhu doll! way cool!

Anyway, I think a plush tarot would be wicked. I wouldn't take pictures and put them on cards though, just use the dolls themselves. Maybe you could draw them out of a big bag or something. Anyway, it would look great to have them all lined up on a shelf, wouldn't it? Like tarot beany babies.

My grandma once made stuffed toys of the zodiac signs of her children and grandchildren. I had a little neptune thingy, being an aquarius. Wonder where that went now...