Popping in to say hello :)

pickled pixie

Just thought I'd poke my head round the door and say hi *waves*
I don't know how busy this forum is but I have recently purchased the FO and it has already had a profound effect on my life :D
My favourite card is 'The fairy who was kissed by the pixies' and my least favourite is 'The dark Lady' *shudders* but the card that I am most confused with and just don't get at all is Unity if it comes up in a reading I am completely stumped (even after reading the book) so if anyone can enlighten me I would be very grateful.
Anyways I'm off to play with the fae :thumbsup:

pp xxx


Congratulations on your purchase, Pickled_Pixie! :party:

Isn't it amazing how quickly they act on you? I was shocked by mine almost immediately as well. You'll find some great threads in here with amazing stories! Be sure to check them out and then add your own, because now that you have the Fae, they have YOU :D

Can you post your readings with Unity to the Oracle Readings forum? You will receive lots of help and insight there, and it will be helpful to see the context of the reading. Be sure to include your interpretation, too so we can see where you were going with it.

:D valeria

pickled pixie

Hi Valeria :)

My it is VERY quiet in here which is a shame, guess I'm about seven years to late!! :( I have read through all the old threads and really enjoyed them and also learned a lot along the way :D

will post my reading very soon :thumbsup:

love pp xxx


It's sort of quiet ~giggles~. This is actually quite an active study group, we recently completed some wonderful healing work which Kahlie graciously led for us. We also have the Faerie Seekers reading circles going on most of the time. Right now a few of us are a real busy time at work, so just popping in and out, and others might be on summer vacation with the kiddos. But we are, overall, a close group and don't REALLY ever go away. We love getting new members, and as you post you will see replies and questions.

Now about Unity, granted I have not seen the spread you got it in, but put down the book, take your Unity card and really really look at it. Ask it what it is about and open your mind. See the colors flowing and the energy. Unity is in general about one-ness, coming together or a message that "unity" needs to occurr. That can also be within yourself if you are divided about something (i.e.: mind and spirit). This faerie is about the interconnectedness of the world, events, etc. She teaches us that we are part of the whole not a separate standalone thing as we are bought up to believe. Think connection and integration. Hope this helps you.

My dream is to one day have threads for all the cards, but lately I have been so busy that I have not had time to go see what is missing to start new threads, feel free to start some as well as contribute to the old ones.

Welcome, and I look forward to seeing you around :D


Hi Pickled Pixie and Welcome! Also congratulations on your purchase of the FO :) You will have lots of fun with it.

I think Jewel has described Unity very well. I usually try to read the cards intuitively first before looking at the book meanings by seeing what stands out to me and see how it fits in with my question/reading.

I look forward to seeing you around :)

pickled pixie

Hi jewel and Geministar :)

I am so glad that the group is still active as It is the ONLY deck I have ever felt compelled to talk to others about. I do have a quite a few decks and I do love them but this deck is so different to anything I have ever used before.
Thanks for the help with unity it does make it a little clearer now.

I also have a problem with Ekstasis, not because I don't understand it but I think it looks like a squashed insect and that puts me off it a little lol :D

pp xxx


pickled pixie said:
Hi jewel and Geministar :)

I also have a problem with Ekstasis, not because I don't understand it but I think it looks like a squashed insect and that puts me off it a little lol :D

pp xxx

Not at all... You have to look deeper to the face that is hidden and the energy threads that are floating around... He is ethereal and your job with him is to get past what you think you see and into what is really there. He is beautiful and full of energy and life that he wants to share, but you have to be open to receiving so look at the card a little bit deeper, unfocus your eyes if you have to, but see beyond what you think is there... it is like the mask we all wear... try to see below that.


pickled pixie said:
I also have a problem with Ekstasis, not because I don't understand it but I think it looks like a squashed insect and that puts me off it a little lol :D
OHHHHHHHH but how can you say squashed??????? maybe plastered on a windshield but not squashed! *ROFLMAO*

No seriously, Ekstasis reminds me of an angel. See the glowing lights that form his body??? his head, his heart chakra, etc? then around his head he has a halo of glowing and his crown chakra open and transmitting light. He is flying, and a where he passes he leaves a passage of energy, see the lighter brighter blue around him? He is exhalted and flying with utter joy, his consciousness is free and moves between the planes of existance. He understands and thrives with energy opening doorways through which we may enter. His arms are open and receptive, ready to teach us what true extacy is about, the communion of mind, soul and body. The feel of the wind on your skin, the warm sand under your feet, the rain on your face. It is a revelling in all that we are, a celebration of us and our environment. What that environment comprises is contingent on how open we are to feeling beyond what we see and know, in transcending.

pickled pixie

Thank you so much faerylvr and jewel :D
I now see Ekstasis in a new light and love him much more!
I do think that alot of the Singers look very similar and some even look like The Faun don't you think? Sometimes I have to really look closely to check out that it's not the faun card I'm reading :)

pp xx


Hi pickled pixie!

I'm around here still... sometimes. I'm not around so frequently that I can commit to reading circles, but I do try to pop in this forum every week or 2.

Well, you know, Froud *did* put out his "Pressed Fairies" book, years ago... you may not be too far off. ;D

Ecstasis is ecstasy. To me, it's just that simple. And I see a dragonfly in this faerie's form.