Potrait or Landscape orientation again


We talked of this briefly on another post, and I think we agreed that its better if you go all one way or the other.

My problem is Im assigning art by a famous artist to cards for a fun pastime, and half his art is better portrait and half landscape. At the moment Ive shrunk down landscape images to fit portrait size but theys look much better if i just left them landscape. This would make a deck where about half the majors are landscapen and half portrait, all the minors should be portrait I think, Im not that far yet :) I have a deck with one major in landscape and the rest portrait, but do you think a deck where about half the majors are landscape would work? Or do you think I should shrink them to fit the portrait size, ending up with a large awkward border?



I took on a similar project a few weeks ago, even though I never considered making an actual tarot deck out of it, I selected my favourite (mostly pre-raphaeliet) paintings and just shrunk them or used pieces out of them to make all the cards the same size. I don't know if you consider that a violation to the original art, but it worked quite well.

you can see what it looks like on my homepage:



Thats lovely, the pics im using are by a copyrighted artist so im just assembling offline for now, I am hoping to get permission to post on the web after i know which images i am going to use. I know who has the copyright on the artists work, but Im not sure if they'll let me use it for a tarot. If not it'll just have to stay with me :)



I'm thinking that if you use NO reverse meanings, you'd be allowed to have them go portrait and landscape with no problem. Just turn to lay them as they were meant to be seen, and read as they lay in those positions. With no reversals, there's no problem.