POW Replacement Deck Dilema - to mix or not to mix


I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not... but....

I was wondering if maybe I could get some feedback from some of you more experienced Tarot Card Readers....

I ordered my 1st POW deck from Amazon and it came with quite a few of the printing issues that seemed to plague this deck. In relaying to Amazon they quickly sent me a replacement deck, and because of the restrictive cost to return the item, I was allowed to keep the previous deck as well.

My initial plan when I 1st found out that I would end up with 2 decks was to simply swap out the faulty cards with the new ones, and keep the new deck as a back up.

However in just using the deck over the past week plus or so, I am finding that not only are my readings more accurate than they have EVER been before, but I am also able to be more intuitive with this deck and alot less reliant on the book definitions. I guess for the most part I keep thinking that I've got a great thing going and suppose in swaping out the cards I mess with that... Not too mention, I've become accustom to the Idiosyncrasies of this deck and now think they add to it's charm and originality...

My other issue.. not really so major... is I am soooo tempted to open the new deck to see if the quality is any better, but then I am wondering would the quality of the readings be the same as what I have now, and if I decide to keep them as a back up deck, then how does one store them without any bookworms or whatever destroying them over an extended period of time - and also is there some specific way that I am suppose to store back up decks as this now brings my collection to a grand total of 4?


Hi Marli, welcome to AT.

I think first you have to deal with your superstitions. The cards are just paper and ink and don't have any power or special properties :)

Rede Seeker

Another viewpoint

If the less than perfect Pearls of Wisdom deck is working well for you, keep using it. Don't change out the cards. I think of the deck as a family, superstitious as that may sound. You don't recommend displacing members to create a 'perfect' family. If it doesn't bother you, let the deck be what it is 'warts, wrinkles, and all'.

My first Pearls of Wisdom deck had two Ace of Pentacles and not Queen of Pentacles. I keep that deck as-is as a reminder that Spirit will always provide for my physical needs; I may not appear to have financial security but it's there. This is a very important realization for me because I work with people who daily (and sometimes hourly) stress over the condition of their 401K accounts.

I recommend opening the deck to see if it's in better condition than the first. After that keep your extra deck in a cool, dry place. If you can spare a box of make a tarot bag, that would be extra protection.


Re: Another View Point

Hi RS,

Thank you for your opinion, as I have already come to trust your insights, and I agree, I am not swapping out any of the cards, though up to this point I had not opened the new deck, as I decided faults or not I would still be happy with the deck, when in years from now the other one is "under pressure" from constant use. As far as AJ's comments went.. I pretty much diregarded them, as I also share your opinion of them being a family, and if that makes me superstitious then so be it.

Though, I'm now thinking that maybe I will open the new deck, look through it and maybe just do a reading or two every once in a while to keep my energy in them. As far as storage goes, ironically for my birthday this coming week, I bought myself a beautiful wooden box to store all of my decks in -and besides the Angel Oracle deck, which came in a hard box, all of my other decks are wrapped in their own bag, and everything in the box is then wrapped in purple silk.

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What a relief - I'm not the only one who thinks of them as a Family

Marli, thank you for the kind words. Wyrd things are so cool, aren't they?


Re: Opening New Deck


Just wanted you to know, that I did open the new deck, and there are in fact a few of the hazy cards in this deck as well, though significantly fewer (only 4), all this means to me though, is that I will have 2 orginial decks!!! And yes, wyrd is wonderful!!!!