Practical Compassion


Years ago, I had one of the simplest, but most earth-shattering revelations (for me)....
it was that I couldn't really control much of anything, the traffic (ten years in Los Angeles, over twenty in the Phoenix, driving takes on a new dimension), if a cashier was snippy, a colleague grumpy, all I could do was control my reaction to it. That made life much simpler for me. When I saw this in my email box today, it resonated for much the same reason. When and how we interact with the world, it begins with us. So here is another article I wanted to share from Zen Habits, Practical Compassion....I hope some of you enjoy it as much as I did.


Thank you for sharing that article GD. I try to be compassionate with others myself, but boy! It really isn't easy! My dear grandmither use to always tell us to never judge a person without walking a mile in their shoes. She was the most compassionate person I ever knew, I think, and a great role model too. Those are/werewise words & I try to keep that phrase in my thoughts when someone upsets me. Still not always easy of course, but worth the try. Sorry for typing mistakes- typing on my nook isnt easy,


I was struck with the thought that many times people expect that others will understand and yet they refuse to do the same for others!

Compassion cannot flow just one way! One cannot expect it and yet not extend it.

I don't feel that all is lost, though. My husband was one of those who expected compassion from others, yet had no compassion when I first met him. After years of gentle pushing and example, I think he has improved a great deal.


I completely agree that compassion for self is where it all starts. And that, for me, ultimately has its roots in acceptance of self. This is an inner state it has taken me the better part of 40 years to reach. It doesn't mean it's easy, and it doesn't mean it's painless.

But it does mean that it's freeing.

Thanks for sharing, GD. :)

Metal Queen

Thank-you for sharing GD. It's true that when we honour our own personhood, it leads to greater freedom and living one's truth. ..sometimes difficult but always worth it."Walking one's Talk"makes a difference to the ones who want to be helped,because people see the example in action.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts

I like to share things about issues I MYSELF have to work on, things I like to try, things that have helped me, otherwise it doesn't feel valid for me. I think perhaps if these are things that I must work on, perhaps others may find some use in them as well. The older I get, the more I realize the more I have to learn :).