presenting the ace of cups...


hi guys--

i said i'd go for one a week. well, so far, so good. two weeks, two cards. hopefully, we'll get them on a web page soon...




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very nice! you are both doing a grand job here.
are the paintings in natural size?
it is a bit hard to read the red on the blue but i guess that might be due to the scanning.
i like it so far. and you are right, titels not really needed here, at least not so far:)

i see the hands meeting, the sperms swimming, the cup with wine/blood and the orange light spilling out and up.
the blue round shapes? like a bosom.
the sign for water. but under the right smaller hand is some shapes i can't really make out. something being poured?

hope i am not too nosey


Ah! Wonderful :D So much in it - I love the reaching hands... Great job! (Can't wait till next week for the next installment...)


it is indeed wonderful. and i too like the reaching hands. :)


aces in general...

hi all--

all of the aces are going to follow a general plan...

the ring with the lettering on it are the 8 names in hebrew that are inscribed on the magickal tool in the Golden Dawn magickal system. the ring itself will be in the color representing the element; the lettering will be colored to make it flash (eg-- the cups are orange on blue). Just inside of the ring and beneath each of the names is the sigil associated with it. this too is to be inscribed on the tool.

At the center of the card is the elemental table. the two colors are the reverse of the outer ring

There will be the tattawa symbol for the element super-imposed on the symbol for spirit. this is placed in the element's direction. on the ace of cups, this is the silver cresent atop the white wheel which is placed to the left (in the west). this composite glyph represents the spirit of the element (spirit of water in this case).

The hand outline originating from this symbol presents the tool to the awaiting hands. the hand of spirit is indigo; the hands of the element are in shades of the elemental color.

One thing I never liked about the aces is that they appear motionless. I see them as gifts of the spirit given to those who can recieve them. this is why I have shown them in this manner.

What you see is the presentation of a virgin unconsecrated elemental tool given by the realm of spirit to the magician who has been properly prepared. s/he has the knowledge and ability to bring forth the power dorment within the tool

At least that's one way to look at it.

jema-- the hexagon is insribed in a circle with a 9 inch diameter. they'll probibly shrink to 4 or 4.5 inches for a deck. so they're about double size. i'm scanning them at 5% (whatever than means) so they'll upload here.

well-- on with the show


and the ace of disks...

here it is...


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so soon!!
you work really fast now:)
i think i like this one even better then the ace of cups. it is simply beautiful!


one, two, three...

and now, the ace of swords--

this deck is coming out a lot faster than i expected :)

back to the drawing board...


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Great progress!

Hi Raven,

Beautiful work here! I really like the colors and again the collection of symbols. Thanks for sharing your work here. It is very inspiring.



... and four!!


i actually did it. attached is the ace of wands.



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