Pretty People Never Lie (Relationship Spread)


Pretty People Never Lie- Vampires Never Really Die by I Am Ghost
>>Lyrics Here<<

I've always wanted to do some lyric-based spreads. Figured why not while I'm having an insomnia attack and the kid in the room next to me is screaming at his xbox?
I had a hard time trying to decide which character in the song would be the focus, so I thought this would be a cute, gothic, somewhat morbid relationship spread.

Card one- Ghost. Card two- Darling.
----Ghost is the narrator of the song. Lost and lonely, he's a hopeless romantic. Falls in love with Darling whome he would never hurt and go to any length for.
----Darling would be the young and impressionable girl Ghost falls for. It's more for curiosity that she decides to see what Ghost has to offer, and falls for him in the process.
----I included personalities for Ghost and Darling so you can better understand the song, and becuase I didn't want to just assign them generic gender roles (such as ghost- male in relationship darling-female) because that's boring and stereotypical. I'm all for same sex relationships, and breaking out of traditional roles. :D Moving on.

Card three- The Make-Up and Roses
"Look how you've grown, it's etched in skin and bone, dressed in make-up and bleached out in the roses."
----The above stanza refers to Darling, and Ghost's perception of her. They've known eachother for a while, but this is the progression of friends to something more. This card signifies the start of the relationship.
Card four- We're Deathless
"Do you know I'd never hurt you? (I loved you so much, we are not broken, we are deathless.)"
----The strengths of the relationship.
Card five- The Sun/ Card six- The Paper Dolls
"The sun outside these glass-shaped walls will burn the flesh off paper dolls"
----The sun here is signifying the challenges the couple faces, and paper dolls represent where their relationship is the weakest.
Card seven- The Blue Ones
"So taste it and we will never be alone. I'll take the first bite. Yeah, I am Ghost. Say goodnight to you, my darling, my darling."
----The Blue Ones are the pills this couple decides to take (please don't take pills, I'll feel bad. Tis just an artistic expression) in order to be together forever. The card itself would be an advice card here, what you can do to ensure happiness and fluffy bunnies.
Card eight- The Angel
"Awake to the birth of an Angel"
----This is what Ghost hopes to wake to with Darling. This card will be the Angel you wake to, or your outcome card.


Input? Let me know cause I plan on making this a regular exercise. :D Much thanks!


I love this song! I'm pretty sure I got way to excited when I saw the title of this post haha..

This made my entire night. :D


I didn't think anyone else would know this song. Haha, you've made my entire morning :D