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Hello everyone,

Once I felt that I had learned enough about the tarot to do readings for other people, I put up a web page on the internet giving free readings via email. Unfortunately, it was a BIG hit (over 20 questions in the first HOUR it was posted). Needless to say, I couldn't handle that load and have since had to take it off the net.

I am now debating posting a new webpage offering pay-per-reading type services but I have a few questions from those of you who have done this (or still do) before. First, what is a fair asking price? I would do a very complete reading. Should I price by spread? By time? By number of questions? Second, how do I get the answer to the querrant? To me, email seems to impersonal. Is it worth the time to set up my own chat room and have a one on one with my clients during their reading, or even have them contact me on a personal-messenger type program. Okay, I think that's it. Thanks in advance for your help.



I actually am a computer programmer in my other life, and I am working on a tarot system for readers to read on line. When I get it done, I plan on making it available for users to download and use at their own discretion. In it, you will be able to distinguish how many readings per day, and what not.

More importantly, this is FREE! YAY! :) As for payments, my method will be a tip / donation type thing. It makes more sense to me to charge on as I helped.. and , well.. I'm not a good judge of how much I helped others :)

I'm about three / five months out from this project being done due to school / etc. So.. when I get it done, of course I will let everyone know :)

Jarrod/ Magnwa



wow... nice. i'd definately be hip to that software. i am working on a BoS database in filemaker for personal readings, spells, dreams but it's more of a personal device and definately not tarot specific.

being a netmage myself, and more in tune and accuracy of readings online, i'd love to test and use your software to help read and track the readings i do for people online.

please add me to your list of testers (and users) when you need it. =) in my other life i am a web/graphic designer, technical writer and qa goddess for

blessed be,


Heh.. I'll work on it in my free time.. fair warning , however, this thing doesn't do the readings, you do that.. and number two.. All of my classes require extra , outside class work, and I have a job. I'll do this in my free time, but I might not have much :)

But.. just keep your eyes here :) I'll make sure people know about it..



Hi Everyone!
I am doing readings with a group of Tarot readers, and we swap readings on a weekly basis. Its really great. Also, I read for the Free Tarot Network, which is also a wonderful way to really know the 78.