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Hello...well, I posted this on the new members area, and I was told that I should share my story because not everyone would see it if it was just posted there. I'll probably just piece it together, but I'd be thrilled if you would reply! Thanks! = )
Well, I'm a Virgo...which is interesting because I used to be much more perfectionistic when I was little. I actually changed a lot from then to now, but in the sense of being critical (as Virgos are), I am sometimes way too picky and judgemental. I believe that I only bother with people I know that I will get along with and that I can trust...I am exceptionally good at analyzing people. I guess that's why I want to be a criminal psychiatrist! = ) I can just look at someone and know so much about the point that it's "creepy"--that's what I've been told.
Anyway, ever since I was about ten years old, I've known that I've had psychic abilities. They've developed as I've grown, and my dreams are sometimes so clairvoyant (sorry if that's the wrong word) that it's been scary. What's also quite interesting is that my "powers" are stronger while I'm menstruating. Has anyone else found that to be true or has anyone heard of anything similar to that?
Also, it was so awesome...I went to New Orleans in May, and I was in a voodoo shop. I bought Tarot Cards, and I was talking with the man that did readings. I asked him if he could just look in someone's eyes and tell things about them. He was like, absolutely, and he began to stare at me. It was amazing. He told me that I had a lot of pain in my jaw (which is so true because I have TMJD) and that I have been very let down by my father. He also said that he saw things in my eyes that he hadn't seen in decades. Now this man travels all around the I was amazed. He said that I definitely had psychic powers and that he wished that he could teach me because he saw that my powers would be amazing after being developed....


i'm sorry, i'm not sure what we are supposed to reply to. this merc in retro is brutal right now LOL

anyways, welcome to the forum. good luck developing your abilities.

blessed be.


Hello mrsdw. , I have a lot of virgo in my chart also. What tarot deck(s) do you own , or use. What other forms of divination are you interested in? I'll bet you'd Love the "rock and roll tarot" !


i forgot to say.....

welcome to the forum! the people here are very open and willing to share (not that you would know that from my first post....sorry 'bout that!).

one of my girlfriend's can feel the tides changing. she gets pains in her uterus, but i haven't know anybody who noticed their abilities heightened during their moon time. that is what exactly is heightened for you? is it something specific or all abilities in general?

do your parents support your abilities, since you shared that they started at such a young age and you obviously didn't try to stop them.......i'm guessing that they must have been supportive. are they also gifted?

well, enough questions for now. i'll wait for your answer and please accept my apology for being so brisk in my last post. it isn't like me to be short........

blessed be.


Jade, don't worry about it.... = ) It takes a lot to offend me...usually. Now, to answer your questions:
My mom goes through phases with supporting my abilities. She will sometimes get annoyed with me when I talk about dreams that have predicted things exactly or my cards. But sometimes she will realize that she also has some "powers" as well because she is quite intuitive (sp)...we talk about how we need to trust our instincts more. She also used to talk to co-workers about me, and this one woman used to tell her that everyone has powers, but that it's just more developed in certain people (this was about ten years ago)...which is why I became even more interested in tarot cards. = )
When I'm menstruating, I feel very "in tune" with I guess I'd have to say that it changes me in many ways. I feel that my powers are stronger, that my mental flashes are more frequent, and that I actually predict things more often.....hard to explain. Aren't hormones fun? :)


i don't know how i know this but i have heard that some women's psychic abilities do gain in intensity during their "moontime". have you ever paid attention what phase the moon is in when your cycles occur? it could have a significant meaning for you to pay attention to this.


something else...i remember that women used to align themselves w/ the moon cycles to be more in "tune" with the goddess. another thing i've noticed is that whenever i start hanging around w/ a certain group of women that over a period of monthes our cycles start happening the day or w/in days of each other. i read about it somewhere before i observed it happening for real in my life. our religious beliefs didn't matter. one was catholic, 2 pencostals, one agnostic, and one pagan-me so there has to be some science behind it somehow. i just feel for my former boss--5 women on the rag at the same time. i'm sure he had to of figured it out after a while! :D personally, i think he got what he deserved! }>

New River

i wasn't gonna say anything because i've been having trouble saying what i mean lately. but since i'm due tomorrow i thought i'd mention the heightened sensitivity close to and during this time.

isn't that what pms is based on? we become so much more sensitive to everything?! my dreams are richer and my insights are sometimes profound.

sometimes it helps in my readings but sometimes it gets in the way too. depends on the situation and the other people involved.

and on another point, i think each person puts out a lot of information with every gesture, look, and word they say. an observant person can learn a lot and throw in some psychic flashes and you've got enough information to probably freak them out.

in the age we are living in now, we should all probably be honing these observation skills as much as possible. of course, i don't mean staring and freaking people out! lol

love, light and welcome, New River


New River (12 Oct, 2001 13:19):
and on another point, i think each person puts out a lot of information with every gesture, look, and word they say. an observant person can learn a lot and throw in some psychic flashes and you've got enough information to probably freak them out. New River

i've noticed this, too. not everyone is adept at reading body language. it's a great revelation to them what you can see in them just by observation. clothes-style, fashion, colors; hair, jewelry + or -, make-up + or -, height, weight, and medical observations like if the person is asthmatic or has heart probs-you can tell so much by learning to be a good observer. not to say i don't believe ppl can have intuitive/psychic/clairvoyant abilities. just that it takes a lot to convince me someone is authentic. for example, the more i watch sylvia browne and john edwards in action the more i wonder if they are more "mentalist" than psychic. everybody is going to have a bad day when the psychic airwaves just aren't tuning in and you need something to fall on. i'd be more convinced if the person they are "reading" for wasn't in the same room so there wouldn't be any context clues to fall on.

i'm not saying this to diminish your experience w/ your intuitive abilities, mrs. dweezil. i had a very similar experience when i was in my early twenties when a much older man than me did pretty much the same. he said I had great psychic potential and he wanted to "teach me";however, i found out later he had ulterior motives that his rabbi wife wouldn't have approved of. it was a VERY STRANGE EXPERIENCE! take my word! i do believe he had much to teach me but the price was one i wasn't willing to pay for knowledge. so i passed up an opportunity but i can live w/ myself and that's more imp. from that experience i learned that just b/c someone has something to teach me doesn't mean s/he is the right teacher. either i'll find the path myself or someone else will come along. i met a man a few years ago that taught me quite a lot spiritually at a price i pay. we parted ways recently due to his moving. i was thanking him for what i learned from him but he turned it around to how much he had learned from me. it didn't occur to me how imp a quality humility is in a teacher/guide. when i look back to the other man who wanted to teach me i realize that he lacked humility. i'm glad i followed my intuition. :)


mrsdweezilzappa: Welcome!
Have had similar experiences. Also accompanied by the feeling of being at a high energy level as well as in an altered state of consciousness for the duration, peaking midway. Also occurred during pregnancies at a different intensity.
The forensic field would be rewarding if one is able to detach the self emotionally from the highly charged nature of the work. Being sensitive/psychic can be highly debilitating so being able to be grounded & balanced would be priorities.