Psychic Development Group: Exercise 1


Hello and welcome to our very first Psychic Development Group thread!

My aim in starting this thread is to offer a safe space where we can meet, exercise our intuitive muscles and develop our psychic and spiritual gifts. Above all I want this space to be interactive, fun and for us to learn from and share with each other. I’m so happy you’re here :)

***Over to you***
If you have any suggestions for topics or exercises that you think would be fun to cover, please do send me a PM and likewise, we will need sitters for this, so if you’d like to be a sitter for a picture reading/aura reading etc. please do PM as well. Plus, if you’re a sitter it means that I can take part too which would be great! And, of course, if you would like to host an exercise one week that would be wonderful too.

***How this will work***
Every Sunday (like today), I will post an exercise. If you’d like to participate all you have to do is simply read the below, get in touch with your intuition and post your feelings/intuitions/answers below. Next Sunday, feedback will be given and a new exercise will be posted.

***Some guidelines***
1. This is open to everyone, regardless of how in touch you are with your intuition. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro that can easily tune in to your intuition or if this is your first time trying anything like this. The trick is to just relax, have fun and trust what impressions come to you.

2. If you are acting as a sitter for a given exercise, then you MUST give feedback to the people who are reading for you in the thread. Feedback is essential as it not only allows us to distinguish whether we’re right or wrong, it’s also such a great help when it comes to building confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

3. Before and after every exercise you’ll find a warm-up and a cool down. These are like mini-exercises to ensure you’re tuning in to your abilities in a safe way and grounding yourself afterwards. If you don’t ground properly you may feel dizzy or ‘off’ after doing this type of work. It is suggested that you do both of these mini-exercises, however if you’d rather try a different way (or suggest a different way) then that’s okay too.

4. Trust your gut instinct. When you start working with your intuition, you may doubt some of the information or messages that you might receive. Please do your best to say the first thing that comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make sense to you as this is usually right and has some relevance to the sitter.

So, without further ado, here is our first exercise!



Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Call in Archangel Michael to watch over you and protect you as you engage in this psychic development work. See yourself surrounded by his blue light of protection. Mentally call out to your own spirit guides and ask them to be with you and to assist you with this work.

Next, starting with your base chakra, see each chakra opening up. Visualize a red flower opening, then an orange one, a yellow one, a green one, a blue one, a violet one and a purple one. Visualise a beam of pure white, source energy flowing down from the heavens, through your crown chakra and all the way down into your root chakra. Know that you are protected and connected. When you feel ready, open your eyes and attempt the below exercise.

Exercise One: Tuning in

Given that it’s our very first exercise, I will be your guinea pig this week. We’ll start with something quite basic – reading the energy of handwriting. Everything we write, we imbue with our energy and it’s very easy to pick up the vibes of someone based on their handwriting. Below you’ll find a picture of something that I’ve handwritten. Here it is typed out just in case you’re finding it hard to read my writing:

“Hello ATers! Thank you for taking part. My name is Amy and I’m hosting this exercise. What can you pick up about me from reading my handwriting? Simply take a few deep breaths, relax and allow impressions to form. Go with your gut and let those psychic insights flow.”

The most important thing here is to relax and approach this exercise with curiosity. If you’re struggling to get impressions, take a few deep breaths and consider the following questions:

What type of person does this seem like? What are her characteristics?

What does she look like?

What type of energy do I think is around her?

Are there any significant things that I need to know about this person?

What objects/places/names/colours surround this person?

Post your impressions below and full feedback will be given next Sunday. This thread will remain open all week. Experiment, have fun and thank you for taking part! :)

Again, I am actively looking for sitters for upcoming exercises. Are you willing to be a sitter – are you willing to share a picture of yourself, your home or your pet? Please do PM me. I have a very fun curriculum planned for the coming weeks! And again, if you have any thoughts/comments/suggestions please do get in touch. Let’s make this the best (and most helpful) psychic development group that we can!



Well done and thank you for taking part. To cool down I’m going to ask you to take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Mentally ask your guides to help you ground your energy. Visualise plant roots growing out of your feet and deep into the earth. See them going down through the layers of soil until they connect with a beautiful crystal that’s in the centre of the earth. This crystal feeds wonderful, healing white light up your roots into your body. Stay with this energy and take a few deep breaths. Feel the connection. When you feel ready open your eyes and silently thank Archangel Michael and your guides for their help. If you’re still feeling a little light-headed, eat something small, go outside and take a few breaths or hold a grounding crystal such as hematite or brown tourmaline.


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I'll come back to write my impressions.


I'll give it a go! Just very quickly -

You're fluid, thorough, creative, fancy. Completed higher education, probably something in the Arts. I can see you let your inner child out quite a bit, but are mature. You don't like to dwell. You live in the moment, do your best to keep positive. You look young?

I see bright, pastel-lay colours around you. Soft yellow, off-white, purple, pink, baby blue. It's your workspace?

Eh, I could be just babbling. Let's see how far off I am! 😄


Oh my!

I have a few impressions building up already. I'll be able to articulate better after I sleep on it. I'll be back tomorrow!

Edit: You are a sort of person who likes to think of herself as a hermit, but you do very well around people. You are emotive and expressive. Your body language and face give away what you are thinking and feeling right away, and you can conceal them with only some effort on your part. You are compassionate. Do you have a pet dog? I see you as having dogs or being around them.

You have dark and long hair. You are short or of average height, and it feels like you have a wide build (Your body type comes across as "pitta").

You have dogs, family or some close friends about you. You live with family or a close-knit group of friends. You are cheery and laugh easily, and you have a bright contagious smile.

You come across as one with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the beginning of any task, but very low energy towards the end of it. You are very imaginative and love to dream and think big.

I see you at home or around pets. The colors I see are dark, brown, beige, and yellow, mellow and pleasant.

Queen of Cards

You're feminine and quirky. Crafty. You wear glasses or maybe contacts. You have pets. You have a pleasant voice and people really like you. You enjoy plants/flowers or have a garden.

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You're a white person.
I see black hair.Fine hair I guess.But I feel you have thin hair.
I see you wearing a T-shirt(grey) I don't know why lol.
I strongly feel you have a big forehead,not extremely big lol
You're lean.
You are in a relationship or dating someone.I see a blonde guy.His hair texture is rough.
He's quite tall and fit.
I also see money.And a kid.Maybe your neice or nephew.And I see dogs too.
Does that make any sense at all? lol :p


These exercises are kind of new for me, so I'm probably way off the mark.

These are the impressions I got.

You have blonde hair, green eyes, burn if you're in the sun too long without suncream
You have a really good sense of humour
And I seen an image of a camel, pretty random image to get lol, so I'm taking this a sign that you have either ridden a camel or would like too, or it could point to you maybe having some connection to Egypt.


Great work so far everyone. Keep those impressions coming :)

And again, I'm looking for a sitter for next week's thread so if you fancy giving this a go please do pop me a PM :)


oops! sorry!


I've been so looking forward to this starting!!! Thank you, Audelia for starting it off. :thumbsup:

I'm not use to doing handwriting analysis' so, lets see if I am any good at it. At any rate, I will get some practice in! :)

So, as I was reading your opening post, I had a thought that you are a woman with brownish colored hair and light eyes. I'm thinking green, but all I can really get when I try to concentrate is "light colored". With your hair-you may have red highlights too. You're light skinned too, and probably of medium build and height. I'm really bad at guessing height--but I'd say about 5'6" give or take 2 inches.

I feel that there is another "A" very prominently around you. Your name here on A.T. is Audelia, and your real name is Amy--but I'm talking about either another strong "A" - such as in your address, or where you lived before. It may even be the name of someone in your immediate circle--which can also include parents and siblings or pets--as I feel like we are always tied to them even if we're thousands of miles apart and don't talk often.

You are a practical person with a creative flair to you. You are earthy for sure. You don't work full time right now, I don't think, but perhaps you do work either now and again or employed in a permanent part time job--outside of the home. I feel you do have some college, but I'm not really sure if you are a college graduate or not. I don't really 'see' you with a degree and a cap--so I'll say you are not.

You are a friendly person and live in a modest home that is neat and clean, but also comfortable--though you will probably laugh at this statement. Others will tell you this is true as well--who know you best. You are the type to come home and take your shoes off and sit down in the living room and enjoy yourself--so having shoes on the floor scattered around doesn't bother you--and getting comfortable with your feet up on the sofa is okay too.

Like I mentioned earlier--you are creative. I am not sure if you like to draw and paint or if one particular creative skill is your thing--or if perhaps you're interested in many. I am going to say many but I will also guess at some time in your life you did concentrate on drawing and/or painting.

You're a reader--but maybe not an avid book reader-and you also enjoy being out with others. You're sociable and a people pleaser. You like to have fun and so you try to see to it that everyone with you does too.

You are independent - partly due to circumstances that you found yourself in, you had to be. But now also because you know you can be! You are open to trying new things and you enjoy traveling. You're fun and easy to be around.

I see you in nature--specifically hiking--maybe nothing really outrageous and big--like hiking the Appalachian Trail--but you may do a piece of it with friends.

Funny, because I feel you are an animal lover, yet I can't pick up on an animal with you, currently. Perhaps you don't have one right now? I do think you had a cat that was very special to you and is now in spirit. You think of this kitty often.

I do get the number 3 with you and also the colors blue and green. Mostly I think green-so are you a healer of some sort or are you interested in the healing arts? Blue I would say because you are pretty in tune with your spiritual side and your psychic abilities. Though you may not belong to a particular religious group.

I also feel that you now own something that is very special to you that belonged to a family member. I'm not sure if it belonged to your mother or grandmother or other ancestor - but it is something special to you and you do use it sometimes too. It may be something that is china--like a special dish or dishes or teapot. I want to say its an old item--but I'm not sure really. I do believe it is something you value though very much and it brings a smile to your face when you think of not only the item- but the person it once belonged to.

I'll leave it here and hope for the best. This was fun! :D