Psychic Development Group: Exercise 6


Hello and welcome to our sixth Psychic Development Group exercise. We’re switching things up this week and connecting to the energy of objects. Psychometry (or holding personal affects) is the art of reading objects, but how do you tune in when you can’t physically hold the object in question? You’re about to find out :)

This is a powerful way of helping to strengthen that psychic muscle and really causes us to rely on our intuitive insights. With this exercise you want to engage ALL of your senses.

As always, if you’d like to participate, all you have to do is have a look at the below, get in touch with your intuition and post your feelings/intuitions/answers below. Next Sunday, feedback will be given and a new exercise will be posted.

If you’d like to follow the usual warm up and cool down, please check a previous thread:

If you’re ready to roll, take a look at the object in the image below and tell me what impressions come to mind. Apologies for the poor quality of the images, but hey, it's good practice :) We'll be trying some unseen object psychometry next ;)

All will be revealed on Sunday!


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Well, I don't know but all I got was that the person who wore this is no longer with us as in passed away :bugeyed:


I see nice slim hands with varnished nails in this ring.


The first item i observed looks like a sign of infinity ring. the loops of sign of infinity and i felt this ring is custom made its probably some silver not exactly but you know a unique metal i dont know names of those metals

But this person was into divination, esoteric subjects she dabbled into a lot and wanted something powerful for gaining her strength so this sign of infinity the magicians power symbol.

this isnt a heirloom ring. its made in recent time and person using it is still alive and well and benefitting from its power.


The person who owns this ring is young and it reminds her of spring time and festivals/gathering/ earth energy.
It was given/sold to her by a woman into witchcraft/ a pagan.
I can see fields and hay?
There is a protection vibe to the ring as well x


My impressions:
Funny story about a tent/camping/ or could be woods as I kept getting a tree also

Lost and found, over and over I saw this

Placed on a baby, given to the baby, or looking at ring while saying "now I lay me down to sleep"'

There is something about an article of clothing special to this piece

Someone thought about placing this with someone deceased

Tennessee (the state)

A name that sounds like Dean, the number 4

Heard "cover me" or something sounds like that and then mate for life

Airplanes or some kind of machinery sounds

Very strong emotions with this piece!



This woman is someone who is spiritual and I think uses her psychic abilities. She may not do this professionally--but she is able to access and use them.

I see her working in an office too. She is quite a busy gal. Slender of build. I think brown hair, possibly blonde--but I am sensing more of a brown. brown eyes too. single, I think. I think she also may have some musical talent of some kind--possibly playing an instrument. I see her swaying back and forth, eyes closed--I am not sure if this is while she plays her instrument or if I am seeing her dancing slowly. :laugh;

An educated lady who enjoys traveling. I'm not sure that she has traveled far outside her own country, but she may have. The number 2 is popping into my mind. I also see the letter "A", so not sure if her name begins with an "A" or the country/town, she lives in or what.

I see a lot of people around her--and think she recently either celebrated something important - like a birthday, anniversary, or if she is about to. Feels like a birthday celebration to me.

I also *feel* a woman in spirit around her. This woman feels maternal, so could be a mother, aunt or grandmother. This woman in spirit is also slender of build. Her hair is sort, and wavy/curly. she is smiling and holding her arms out as if she wants to come forward and give her a big hug. I feel she is saying she is proud of this girl. the number 55 also feels important.

I'll leave it here and hope some of this is right.


Is it a wedding band?


Thanks for all your responses everyone! I'm currently having some wifi difficulties due to bad weather so I'll post full feedback as soon as its up & running :)


Thank for posting!

I do love attempting to develop my psychic muscles lol :p

Just going to write down a few things that came to me when looking at the ring

* I got a sense of sadness with the ring (like recently) but there was initially happiness when the ring was bought / received

* I get a sense of someone walking away... not sure if that means a relationship ended or a person passed away (I think it's associated with the ring)

* a sense of harshness or ... kind of unfair feelings... not 'bitter' but an uneasy feeling kinda sad... (i'm making hand movements you can't see lol)

* sentimental feelings attached to the ring (that is vague lol.... ) But I feel there are a lot of good memories associated with this ring, then.... sadness more recently...