Psychic magick cooking


I have this theory:

That all in magick is actually an inside/psychic thing.

Sort of like the cauldron represents the psychic brain.

So when we cook, we put the magick names and words into our psyche and dwell upon them until something magic happens.

Some say that it's all in the word - that the reality is just a mirror.

Recently I have started to make more raw text, instead for polishing it to be clear, I just write the words that comes to me. Same with my art. I make paintings that I'm far from satisfied with and frame them on my wall - just to admire the raw quality.

The more raw and original the words and art are, the more personal they become.

I also believe that this way of thinking makes me put a better value on people. I see the beauty and quality in everyone. It doesn't have to be perfect for me to value it. Sort of like a child would think.

And after I started this 'psychic, magick cooking' - I feel much better and gets these great ideas that I write down in my Book of shadows/diary.

Does this make sense to any of you?

Please come cook with me :)


The Right Track...

Hi Tor,

I find your post encouraging and I cannot agree more about the value of thinking/feeling the way you are describing, especially in the way of relating it to the ways of a child. This type of magic is where health, youth and happiness reside. In the end it is not how many things you have collected or how many people you manage to dominate that determines your strength. Instead it is your ability to live an emotionally open life that recognizes what is true and your ability to both Grow and Defend it.

We all share in the common creation of this Magical Cauldron. Everything you contribute is known and has an effect.


Thank you, RV.

I must add. Though I agree with you that one should have an open heart and let the emotions flow free, one need to protect oneself.

I know for myself that I'm so soft and vulnerable inside that I can't show everything. Maybe I would in a close relation, but maybe not even then.

I show it through my art though. Today I recieved some white facemasks that I will hang on my wall with the inscription inside (one can see it through the eyes): "It's the thought behind that matters" :)