Psychic protection workshop with Paul Fenton Smith


Two exciting one-day workshops in Melbourne in April, both with Paul Fenton Smith, the author of many books on tarot, astrology, psychic sciences.
April 13 - Understanding the Soul Mate Connection
April 14 - Psychic Development and Protection.
These workshops are being organised by the Tarot Guild of Australia.

To get a copy of the program, go to, select Monthly Meetings and follow the link in the April notice.

Hope to see you there!

Programs are attached.


i have both of paul fenton-smith's tarot books, the tarot revealed and mastering the tarot, both are gold :) i was thinking of doing one of his tarot courses one day soon...

p.s. has anyone else here read any of his books?


Quote:blumoon (20 Feb, 2002 00:21):
.has anyone else here read any of his books?

Yes, I've got the first one and have just seen the Mastering the Tarot which I will definitely be buying as the first one is really good.

Shame he's not coming over here - I'd sign up!