Psychic self defense/ Know Any


I would like some major pointers here if any one knows any.

I can't stand crowds I seem to pick up so many negative vibes all
at once that I can't Think my own thoughts.

I also seem to have to distance myself even from strangers.If I but greet them, I seem to unwittingly pull their life stories from
them with all their unresolved conflict,things I don't want to know
nor asked for.I absorb this like a sponge,and am bothered by it for many days after.

Maybe I'm just Wacko, or maybe it's social anxiety.

Anyone else ever feel this way. I am afraid to even try to make
friends at this point. Does anyone know how I can protect myself,
or should I just go see a Doctor?


start off by shutting down your charkras. one by one before you go into a crowded situation.

specifically program a crystal or other stone (pick one that calls to you, not one that is 'for that purpose') and program it for protection. wear it whenever you go into a crowded place.

wear a pentacle over your third or fourth chakra.

create a mantra for yourself.........."i choose to NOT feel other people's stuff" (someting like that but personal to you)

just a few suggestions.
in light,


good suggestions!
you could also paint a small cross over your third eye with a protective oil- maybe frankincense or rosemary.
Often when I'm in a situation with terrible feng shui , I flick my fingers like I am flicking away the bad energy. When my hands are down by my side- no-one can see (except if I giggle at my dagginess).
I also like to wash my hands- a good symbolic gesture if I feel overburdened by someone elses issues or energy.


Oh , I know exactly how you feel. Reading your story was like reading my own.

I have learnt to surround myself with a light shield of protection, with angels at all four directions. THis works but only up to a point, depending how susceptible youare to other peoples energy. I still avoid crowds - still find face to face readings more difficult than the computor ones.

Being mentally aware of what is happening helps to fight it off too. And on the bright side - you are a born healer in some way. People are drawn to you for this. Develop the gifts you have to help others and use them .



Someone once passed this on to me and it has worked pretty well.....ask for and say to yourself - white light, christ light surround and protect me. Once I do that I almost see the light surrounding me.

I now do that before each personal session I do with people every day. It has helped me immensely. I used to be exhausted at the end of each day - not because I did that much physical activity but because I was picking up way too much "everything" from the people I'd work with. I still have to watch myself as I'll forget sometimes, but I've felt much better since I began saying this.

And I also agree with jade about the crystals. I have a little pouch I wear throughout the day with protective crystals and stones in it.


Hey Wishcrafter,

There's nothing wrong with you and you don't need to see a Dr.

I always attact Wacko's so don't worry, anyway who is normal these days???
I know I'm far from normal. I'm just a little depressed and sometimes quirky and I'm happy with the quirky side to me at least I've got some kind of personalty.

Jade and others has recommend some good ways to protect yourself and it's as simple as that even though sometime I do for get to do it myself.

When I go on the tube sometime I have a mirrors all around me so anything negative just bounces off. You will be just fine! and you will get the best advice form this forum and not from your Doctor unless you have other health issues. Don't worry too much!



wishcrafter i understand what you mean...when i was younger it never bothered me but the last couple of years i've started to get in a nasty mood when i am around a lot of last week i decided to envision myself in a bubble that nobody could burst and i felt better!



...took me years to learn to "Shut them out".
So, I cannot offer any great advice (I do believe we find our own ways).
What worked for me: It was a matter of focus. To interact normally, while keeping a part of my brain on shielding was impossible. It took an object (anything works) clipped to the inside of my belt, where it softly poked in my abdomen. This reminded me (Physically) to keep one portion of mind focused inward. You might try something similar.
There are some pluses to your problem/ability. It may simply take some exploration to find them for yourself.


Great Advice

Wow, these are all really great suggestions. I printed them all out
and am going to try them all, at different times, to see which
one works the best for me.

Would like to give you all a collective HUG ~~
* .*


wishcrafter, i could have written your post. i tend to be a hermit b/c i find the energy of others so overwhelming. i tend to be a psychic sponge, too. it will wear you and make you physically ill unless you learn how to tune it out. i do the things others here have suggested. plus i imagine a brick wall around me to get anything out. i like meditating to candles and doing tarot. this seems to help me stay focused.

another thing you should do is buy this book by marcy calhoun. "are you really too sensitive?" she explains different types of sensitivity and how to protect yourself. i think the book is around $10. i just got her latest book in the mail today. "do you really have a choice?" it's about learning your inner symbol system. i can't wait to start it!! she's the best i've ever found for helping me understand myself.