Psychics and Tarot Readers....


While this article seems much more about psychics, and not saying tarot readers can't be psychics, but not all are, the title would have people believe they are one and the same.

I can see how someone's competition could easily ruin a business, if they so chose, thanks to people posting reviews online.

Not suggesting it's not good for people to let other's know of their experience, but since anyone can post a review....

So I guess I posted this for two reasons: one, about the psychics all read cards and all card readers are psychics and so all should be lumped together and two, how reviews, whether legit or not, can make or break someone trying to earn their living.


What article?



trying to find it again....will post


I kinda don't like reviews because sometimes the person is not being fully honest about the reader. I never went into the business, but I could see people saying lies to intentionally ruin a reader just because the reader didn't tell them what they wanted to hear, because they are in competition with the reader, or because they just want to hurt someone (even ruin a psychics business just because they think its unholy/satan work.)

I only go to psychics that are affiliated with a spiritual shop or who was recommended by a friend. I know that I am less likely going to have to deal with someone who is shady.

In addition, I been learning this stuff for around 7 or 8 years. So I have figured out what type of readers I want to deal with base on what my own beliefs are.


Good points, CosmicBeing

There are many reasons some could give a negative review that had nothing to do with the quality of their reading, as you noted.

I found it interesting the title really seemed to limit it to tarot readers and yet the article seemed to focus on psychics, which as we all know, aren't always one and the same.

And before I read that, I didn't think about how things like yelp, any reviews online, and how they could affect one's business, really, ANY kind of business.
So I guess reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, if taken at all.


yea exactly.

One thing I have to say which might make people here angry (but this is just my viewpoint not saying it's wrong for someone to do this or go to someone like this.) But, I am less likely to go to a 'psychic' that isn't using any tools. I still approach this with skepticism just because I feel it adds a level of protection for myself as a client. But, I am less likely to believe someone who only use psychic impressions during a reading. I just feel that be an easy way to scam someone for a bunch of money.

I am more likely to go to someone who blends the two...uses tea leaves, oracle, tarot, crystal ball, runes, songs, painting, etc and also bring in psychic impressions too.

Going for a spiritual counselor can be expensive. So I rather not give someone 80 dollars or more who is not also using tools. I feel like I would enjoy/appreciate the consultation more if some type of spiritual tool was used. (not speaking about mediumship).

I also avoid people that ask too many questions during the reading and especially certain type of questions.


The thing is, you have to take ALL reviews with a grain of salt. No Matter if it's for a product on Amazon, a restaurant, or service at an eye doctor. If the majority of reviews are good, it's probably legit. No one can please everybody, and some people are just miserable anyway. They put their misery online for everyone to read.

I do think they guy who said the psychic was charging $450 to remove the negative energy from his aura did a good thing by alerting people to that, not that the next person paid attn and averted the for the rest of them, they are just opinions, like everything else.


The problem with average people is that they are misinformed about psychics/tarot readers. What do they know aside scams that were reported in media and the death card from Lisa's wedding episode. It's been a taboo in our society for so long that people have no clue how to interact, what to expect or even how to behave. Forget about forming good questions. Reviews, nagatice or not, at least people talking. Hopefully they will learn what to do and what not to.


I get your points, Disa and BlueLagune

About taking reviews with a grain of salt, I've been burned in Amazon seeing a TON of great reviews that said "verified" as in they purchased the item, to find out they got free or at a big discount. Some may be really honest when they're getting something free or practically free, but I think it can "taint" the review a bit sometimes. So I get the point about taking reviews a bit warily. Besides, some people can get a ton of their friends or family to put great reviews up.

I agree it's good there is a dialogue, BlueLagune, but when something like the NY Times doesn't even seem to get there can be a difference between tarot readers and psychics, then I fear what gets out there can make matters even worse.

And how much positive press have any of us seen re psychics or readers in a paper?