Psychoanalysis Spread



I've never created a spread before but yesterday this one just dropped into my mind. I've been interested in human psychology for a long time and I think this has reflected onto my style of reading tarot because what I usually pick up on in a reading is a lot of psychological factors, personality analysis' and subconscious effects of the querent or the people around the querent that are contributing to the situation at hand.

This spread here is more of a concentration directly into the psyche. I didn't want to get too technical with the terms incase someone who likes the spread and wants to use it isn't familiar or well versed in Psychology.


1.2.3: These represent the Subconscious. 1 is the Core. 2 and 3 are first degree manifestations of it.

4.5.6: These are Conscious manifestations of the Subconscious. Meaning that these are results of the subconscious factors that you experience in yourself in day to day life

7.8.9: These represent the Superconscious. Your enlightment. The Superconscious represents future results and effects of the Conscious and Subconscious on one's psyche.

A tenth card can be drawn to see one's Ultimate Transcendental Completion however this would be a very tricky card to interpret due to it's highly subjective and abstract nature so be careful and thorough with it.

Yeah so that's the spread! If you find it useful please post your results here or DM me so we can discuss it. Oh and if you see a part that doesn't fit with your knowledge of Psychology let's brainstorm on it to improve the spread.

Thank you!


This looks good. I'll try it out and let you know what I think! :D

Lucas Prince of Cats

Oh, this seems so great!


I love psychoanalysis as an interest and definitely will be using this spread in future. Thank you for posting it uraszz! :thumbsup:


I love psychoanalysis as an interest and definitely will be using this spread in future. Thank you for posting it uraszz! :thumbsup:

I hope to see your results. No, thank you for wanting to use it! Please inform me on anything that you see doesn't work for you. Constructive Criticism is always welcome..

Scarlet Woodland

Just tried this spread and it worked out amazingly well, thanks for posting it :)

The fascinating thing was it quickly became apparent that the left side, centre column and right side represented three different threads that followed through perfectly... eg:

Left; 6 of pents, 5 of pents, knight of pents

Centre: 10 of wands, 4 of swords, 3 of pents

Right: 6 of cups, the hierophant, the high priestess.

The optional 10th card worked out well for me too; uniting the lessons of all three threads (7 of cups btw).

Very impressed with how accurate, and interesting the reading ended up being... also glad I picked a nice, gentle looking deck for it haha.


This is an interesting spread. Very curious to try it out. Thanks for posting it.