Public domain Rider Waite line drawings?

Elizabeth Genco

Hi everyone,

Once upon a time, I think I stumbled upon a site that had public domain line drawings of the Rider Waite available for download. I want to say that the site had maybe 2 or 3 other public domain decks and their line drawings as well. But I can't find it in any of my bookmarks.

Sound familiar to anyone? Am I dreaming? A craft project is brewing... :)

Thanks muchly.

Elizabeth Genco

Oh, wow. What a gem!

Thanks so much, Bernice.


Bumping this one, both links are really worth checking :)

Thanks for the links. So much to go back and look at.


The one at just redirects back to the Alternative Religions main page for me.

Dee Ell

All of these links are defunct -- does anyone know of any current sites that have downloads of just the black and white line art? (I like the imagery, but HATE the colors of the RWS!)


Hello from 2016

Just want you to know that I found this thread useful in the futuristic date of 2016! Thanks for not deleting it :)