Puzzles pieces tarot cards...


i have an idea to make my own tarot cards with pieces from a whole picture.....
when they are hold together, it will become a nice picture...like a puzzle game....
but of course this is still an idea only.......(seems hard to do)
do you guys have any opinions on this?
is it possible to make tarot cards like that??



While it's possible to do just about anything, I'm not sure from your description exactly what it is you're thinking about. A tarot jigsaw puzzle, with the pieces originally from a large card, would be possible, although you need a certain amount of thickness to have it hold together once you've put it together. Making the puzzle would have to be done either with the picture laminated on wood, with an actual jig-saw, or by a company that does jigsaw puzzles professionally - there's really no in-between when you need that kind of interlock.

But that doesn't quite sound as though it's what you mean - can you explain a little more?


oh...i actually don't have such complicated ideas!! :p
i only think of drawing a large picture, with all tarot cards' images in it, without feeling any odd with the whole picture after finishing. then i'll cut out the images one by one.....
the images should have a regular rectangular shape or square shape......


xultan ??


your imagination is the only limit...

The Xultan deck's Major Arcana fits together into one great big scene. I don't know where I've seen it; but I'll see if it pops up. The deck is listed in AT's deck section, but there's not much of it there.

It's Aztec-type art, rather flat overall.

Are you considering doing the entire deck as a 'puzzle'? you could make a large square-- 9 cards x 9 cards. That would mean an additional 3 cards to make a full square.

There is a concept in kabalah of negative veils-- three in number. They could be read as unknown factors...

When you're not using the deck,
you could hang it on the wall. :laugh:

sounds good to me

fly well


Well, that would be one REALLY, really large picture, unless you're planning on doing just the minors. I suggest that you try doing a small sketch of the whole thing, and then working on one piece at a time, with the overall sketch pinned up to keep you reminded of what's around an individual graphic.

It actually sounds like a rather delightful idea, if you can come up with an overall scene that's varied enough to hold all the card concepts. People could buy one deck to read, and another to put together and frame...


There are computer programs that much a large picture fit into the bacground of small pictures, so when you put them together anew picture emerges. That would be quite cute to do with tarot, but easier if you used a square card shape.

Mr. Sluagh

It would be both crucial and really, really fun to figure out what the characters were doing and how they were interacting. You could do it as a timeline depicting the evolution of the Fool, or a big party with all the characters as guests acting out their various MOs, or any number of other things. I think the second one would be cooler, though.


i'm wondering.......how large will the picture be?
it should be very large, i think...
have any opinion?