Quantum deck: Ace Swords


I see all the Aces as root powers of their suit. They are its essence distilled down to absolute purity, they are its germ or seed, and like any germ or seed, their aim is to grow and diversify - which is where the higher numbers come in.

Sword are all about hte mind, and hte Ace of swords, to me, indicates, a moment in time where you realise the power of the mind over the power of fists, and sharpen your tongue for battle.

We see an upright sword in space, and cupped in its hilt, a beautiful green luminous sphere. Behind it could be a nebula, or perhaps, just streaking energy in the realm of the very small, with little red and orange spots thrown off it. From top-right to bottom-left, lightning crackles through the card and hte sword.

We are dealing with the Weak Force here, the force that allows highly complex atoms to decay, causing radiation because of the energy produced by their breakdown processes. I have recently been reading Einstein, who is a bit dated now, and he says of the decay of radioactive minerals that, given twenty uranium atoms in a box, science absolutely cannot predict which ten of them will decay and which ten will stay the same (the meaning of the "half-life"). But ten of them WILL decay, and ten of them WILL stay the same. How do the atom that stay the same know then the requisite number in the little lump of uranium have decayed, so that they don't decay also? To this day there is only a bit of speculation, and on the science internet community that I belong to, conversations about it are considered frivolous and meaningless, at least when I've raised it in the past.

There are three particles that this cards refers to: the W+, the W- and the Z bosons. The Ws have electrical charge, the Z is neutral. How do they interact - how do they communicate? Do they lock together into little subatomic "molecules" and work togetehr, or scatter and do their stuff alone?

One thing is reasonably certain: if it weren't for the bosons in our lives, we'd be hard put to think. For very long.


I like this take Nisaba, and want to study this card a little more closely to get a fix on that green sphere. I've been talking a little about your post regarding the further, sub-quark particle theory.

And the thing that moves so fast that it is everywhere at once.

It would seem that something of that scope would have more thorough communication with, say, a boson, than with a carbon-based mammal.
Less thoughts in a boson brain to cut through: more listening in a boson's outlook.

This might account for subatomic knowing of when to stop decay.

I'm guessing that this superfast supersmall I'm everywhere entity has godlike powers, of course.


I think I may be a bit lacking in bosons at the moment :D Here's the pic.


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