Quantum Tarot: 11 Justice - Planck's Constant


Quantum Tarot: A tarot of New Physics, by Kay Stopforth and illustrated by Chris Butler, arrived in my letter-box yesterday. This beautiful and mysterious silver-gilt-edged deck is from the wonderful Kunati publishers, sadly now in demise.

Such a thrill - different from any other deck I've ever encountered.

The card I've drawn today, my first from this deck is 11: Justice - Planck's Constant.

The Justice card, with a purple-red glow, bears a full-length silhouetted image of a woman, standing just beyond a round circle of light on the ground, and holding a set of equally-balanced scales in her left hand and a long-bladed knife in her right hand.

The card also bears the following intriguing message, printed vertically and commencing just below the scale to the right side of the card: 6.626068 X 10-34 m2 kg/s.

The small accompanying book explains that this is Planck's Constant in Quantum Theory.

At the foot of the card are the number 11 and the word Justice.

The question posed by the book for the Justice card: What truth do we need to face?



A little more physical information about this Justice card:

The number on the face of the card is the Arabic number 11, as in eleven.

However, Roman numerals are used for the cards in the accompanying booklet, XI for this card.

The 200 page booklet is the same size as the cards, like that of the Kunati's Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black, and is packed into the box holding the deck. This book goes well beyond the usual LBW included with Tarot decks, and the packaging and practicality of the deck surely reaches new heights.

The sturdy and attractive box stands upright, and the lid lifts off the top, unlike that of the Touchstone Tarot whose box lies flat with an attached lid that opens like a cigar box.

The majority of the images on the cards are sourced from those taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, with a few from NASA Solar System Missions.

I'm hoping other members who also have the Quantum Tarot will soon join me in this thread.



A closer look at the meaning of the Justice card : Balance and Firmness are traditional keywords for this card.

Justice card # XI begins the metaphysical world of the Major Arcana. With the influence of Libra on this card, balance is brought in to play.

On the left-hand wall of what seems to be an underground cave a purple shadow is cast that at first glance appears to be the astrological sign for Saturn, the planet of contradiction and destruction.

Then one discovers that this sign also resembles the "h Bar' of Plank's solution referred to in the notebook. Plank has brought balance and understanding into an area of physics where there was previously none.

So contradiction is demonstrated in this wall shadow.

The sword in the hand of the woman is a symbol of masculine energy and intellect. She is holding the point of the knife towards the ground, so it is not to be used for any aggression reason, simply to clarify her intellect.

We should use the sword to cut through our prejudices, in order to analyse a situation rationally.

The woman of shadow is looking directly at the scales that are in a balance, as shown, enabling us to weigh up a situation with fairness, in order to achieve harmony. She is holding the scales in the way one might hold a lantern, in order to shine a light on what she needs to see.

A flat circle of light, possibly spinning, is suspended in front of her feet, and she appears about to leap or step into the centre of this light, where she may gain the balance that she seeks.

Time to get rid of baggage, and to look at the areas of our lives that may be out of balance. What goes around comes around, and we need to find the appropriate compensation to balance a situation.

A reminder to do the right thing. To treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.



Cool! Someone else starting threads in this group! I'm thrilled! <wild cheering, clapping and stamping>

One of the things I love best about this card is that the figure of the woman holding the scales (very traditional, that!) is not actually there: like some of the other finest of the cards in the deck such as the Hanged Man, she is implied by absence, the absence of light or mist making up the rest of the background. Like the whole concept of Justice itself, which is an intangible without physical reality, she is an intangible without physical reality, an absence of substance, an absence of dust, an absence of light.

Planck's constant is the smallest "parcel" that energy can occur in in nature, just as a single pixel is the smallest unit you can isolate out of a computer image. It is a very, very small thing. At those dimensions, arguably, nothing has physical solidity, all things are energy, so everything is made out of tiny little packets of energy this size and up. I love the way the mathematical description of Planck's Constant is running vertically down from one cup of the scale - it is as if it is no weight at all, not weighing the scale down nor able to force it up.

I'm also interested by the H-bar: it more resembles a cross-and-target on the far left of the card, which the woman's sword seems to be referring to without any sense of threat.

BTW, if you look here, you'll find a number of other threads. Good to see someone else interested!


There is Femida on the card. It is usually described with blind eyes. Blindfold goddess symbolizes impartiality. The judge is no respecter of the litigants themselves, their property and social distinction, but only heed the facts and truth, vyslushavaya both sides. Justice does not distinguish between people, it blindly in the sense that it pays only for the law.

We can see also Saturn sign on the card. And Femida is staying in the middle of the New Born star look like Saturn circles.
Femida is very close to Sturn allegory.
Due to Anciant Myth Saturn is old man whose mouth is closed with flap tissue. Silence is the virtue of Saturn.

Saturn emphasizes moments of irreversibility and time, time is going in silence. We often say - "time will tell", "time will judge." Saturn is severe to those who can not appreciate the time. Mind the planet Saturn is not being deceived by the appearance of things and people, he is able to see and to penetrate into the essence of things and events. Time is our great judge. Time does not spare anyone, it is being updated and impartially.

Saturn emphasizes problem of the person, indicates what should occur and where potential, which should work. Of course, that this area will be narrowed to specific indicators, it will manifest difficulties and trials, if you do not follow the established goals.
Saturn has the principle of concentration, compression, so it points to what the focus should be, so that life was in a favorable way.

Also Saturn Sign is comparing with latter "h" - Planck's Number. it is consists of 6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s.
Planck's number is one of the universal numerical constants of nature that is included in many formulas and physical laws describing the behavior of matter and energy in the scale of the microworld.

6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s is the LAW OF OUR NATURE. The Planck constant appears in all equations and formulas of quantum mechanics. Planck's constant the boundary between the macroscopic, where the laws of Newtonian mechanics act, and micro-worlds, the laws of quantum mechanics come true.
It is balance between material and spiritual.