Quantum Tarot- 8 Pentacles


This is a very unusual image, in fact, my hands down favorite in the deck.
(But then, I am a sculptor.)

Eight pentacles flow toward the center of a growing galaxy. Empty inside but for their design, they float where gravity commands, yet appear to contain their own order.

Galaxy creation is the theme of this card, we are invited to consider respecting process, such as Galaxy Formation, which is every bit as important or more so than result.

Watching these eight disks wheeling their way toward what is being created is its own argument for process.


<laughter> Which is why, Karl, you and I are such different people.

When I look at this card, I see the huge doughnut maelstrom of a brewing galaxy, and from the hot, fissioning centre where new particles and gases are being created all the time, a stream of freshly-created pentacles bubbles out and flies away into the cosmos (and towards the viewer).

I'm sure you're right. But then, I'm pretty sure I am, too. That's the thing with Tarot. My Pentacles are definitely coming towards me.


That is funny! It never even crossed my mind that they could be coming toward the viewer. We are in complete agreement that that is one of the real joys of Tarot: reader's call.


And it never crossed my mind that they might be spiralling inwards. Hang on a mo - I'm going to dig out my not-so-L, not-so-WB.

Back now. Well bless my little cotton socks, the Leonine One has no words about the direction of motion! this is wonderful: you are absolutely right and I am absolutely right! What an awesome universe we live in!


Yes, isn't it interesting? :D

I must admit, I see the pentacles as coming out of the galaxy and never even thought that the might be going the other way...but of course it's all in the eye of the beholder! Doncha just love tarot? ;)

This is a very 8 of pentacles idea to me - we "create" the deck for ourselves just by using it. We all have our own unique take on the cards.


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Vindication! Yes! (But I still think Karl has a very good point).