Quantum Tarot: Knight Swords


I've been a bit unfaithful to this deck lately, reading with others and even <gasp> writing reviews for Aeclectic on other decks. It occurs to me, though, that this is the best new deck I've seen in a long while, so I thought I'd come back.

The Knight Swords popped out at me. In my comfort-deck, teh Knight Swords almost never shows a person to me, it is nearly always about needing to look before you leap, about impulsive, impetuous decisions. This image is one of the morfe layered cards, and this is a very layered deck. there is a sky-picture behind, darkness and stars, but there is so much going on over the top that it is hardly noticeable.

The brightest thing in the card for me right now is a star-map in the bottom-left of the image, looking the world like a bizarre little stick-figure dancing a little tension-dance of impotent rage. Bottom-left, floating out of an indistinct red haze, is a lion, a Fire animal rather than an Air-animal, it would be interesting to know why it was chosen. In fact, I only found the lion because I noticed in this Sword card a Cups image in the bottom-right - and it was when I was examining the Cup closely that I suddenly realised it was the nose and mouth of the lion! Top-right we have a vbery young face, and a very placid face, unusual in Knights of Swords. And on the left side, a shadowy figure punching the air with triumph, a sword in his belt to match the idiatonal swords through space.

This is constellation of Herakles, an ancient hero who took up causes and fought monsters and surged through the mythic world like a one-man army. The Knight Swords often tells us to stop and consider before drawing our Sword in someone's defence - is everything really what it seems on the surface, or are we going off half-cocked? the Knight Swords has a keen mind, but is often blinded by his own brilliance and his own sense of himself as a hero, and acts too soon and too decisively. He has a way to go in life before he becomes the rational King Swords.


Playing catch-up here...

I must admit I have a soft spot for the Knight of Swords. Yes he may rush in where angels fear to tread, and never look before he leaps, but sometimes we kneed that no-holds-barred get-in-there energy.

The KoS is great in an emergency or a crisis - that's when he truly gets to shine as a hero. Unless we're corporate raiders or sports people or paramedics, I guess most of us don't get to channel this energy positively in our lives so it can easily play out negatively as rash impetuousness.

Herakles got into an awful lot of trouble with the gods, and he and his family suffered for it. Yet he turned out to be the biggest hero of them all (arguably ;)).


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