Quantum Tarot Study


Let's form a group here and take a look into this fascinating deck. Please post if you are interested, and we'll decide together how to wheel into it.


Karl - as I stated in the other thread, this is great and I'd be happy to contribute and offer support, such as posting low-res images of the cards under discussion etc. Good luck :D

Le Fanu

Just to add; I adore this deck, would certainly love to accompany a study group, but not sure how much time I have for posting, and also, I tend to access my computer when Im not at home which is where my Quantum is safely kept! But I know a lot of the cards by heart as I use it for daily draws.

Great, thought provoking "zeitgeist" deck. Eccentric (in a great way), odd, strange but hugely inspiring in its images and theories. I particularly love the way the Minors hang together. There is something so unified and imensely satisfying about them all.

I think the High Priestesss would be a great card to start with. A looming column of cloud and gasses, almost human. What could be more mystical?


Will do Sulis, and I appreciate your efforts to keep and archive these study groups.

I'm all for High Priestess.

Le Fanu

O dear.. Ive not done this study group stuff before. I hope I haven´t made a mistake. I drew my Quantum Tarot card for the day today and thought I might as well post impressions here in the study group. So instead of High Priestess, I posted on the Seven of Wands... ( and have informed Sulis)

Do you want to post impressions on the High Priestess, Karl, and I shall respond? :)