Quantum Tarot - the Four Cups


Have we all gone quiet on the Quantum? Gosh, can't have that! How 'bout the Loudmouth starts off another card?



Ahem! The Four Cups. That was a mini-reading, not really a card-choice. It tells me that at least temporarily we've all got other stuff on, we've gone a bit stale on the idea of looking through the deck, or else we've all gone passive and we're waiting for someone else to make a move.

<cackle> That's what loudmouths are for.

Beautiful image: Bottom-right, three ghostly Cups float, upright, in space (isn't it amazing that in a deck largely set in gravity-free environments, the thinking of the creators still couldn't entirely free themselves of gravity and its effects in creating a sense of "up and down"?) A couple of them seem to be standing in shallow water. A blaze of smeared yellow light, gas and dust rises from the bottom-left to the top-right, a direction of movement that I personally associate with optimism, for some reason. A male figure made of shadows in this light tries unsuccessfully to throw an insubstantial arm around the stem of one of the Cups. At the top, a backlit supernatural hand, arm ringed in lightning, offers a fourth Cup, balanced on fingertips. Shiny spheres tumble through space, again with a definite sense of up and down.

Now, let's read up on the science:- Ah, extra particles, the "unused" quarks and leptons. Cool. Quantum's answer to genetics' "Junk-DNA", the DNA that doesn't seem to do anything (to our present level of knowledge). Boredom? Four Cups issues? Yes, let's just sit here and wonder why we bother existing at all. We've got resources, we just don't appreciate them. We've gone stale. Other people are powering ahead and contributing to the universe or to the sub-atomic matrix, while we just exist, or at least theoretically exist. And who knows, perhaps we'll wink out of existence, and hardly anyone will miss us.



Good old stagnation. I like that even in a card centered around such a quagmire of a concept, there is a potential for endless mystery. Like that you mantioned "to our present level of knowledge", because the unfolding could reveal anything.

Maybe these little particles are where Al Capone stashed his empty bottles.

The floating balls do give a real feeling of lethargy and stillness, and I see what you mean about the verticality imposed,but I'm grateful for it. I need to hnd onto my hat enough as it is to tread these Quantum waters, subtract a depiction of order or two, and I might be even more reticent in this study!


Must admit, the gravity (or lack of it) issue...never occurred to me :bugeyed:

I guess we humans are just naturally gravity-centric. ;)

I love this notion of physicists being confused by all these particles that they don't have any obvious use for. It's like the universe thumbing its nose at us with its sheer, overwhelming abundance. And our reaction? When overwhelmed, we shut down, get stuck and stagnated and can't see the wood for the trees. A real reminder that as humans we are limited beings, whereas the universe is infinite. This can be a depressing and somewhat immobilising thought. If you reflect too much on infinity, I guess you might end up in a permanent 4 of cups state. :D


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