Quantum tarot: the Knight Cups.


The Knight Cups often describes a romantic but foolhardy charaacter, one who plunges in headlong, who takes risks, who takes up the lady's silk and becomes the Knight in Shining Armour.

Perseus was the hero who rescued Andromeda from being sacrificed by her own mother Cassopaeia, to a sea-god (which could be seen as a sacrifice by a mother of her child in favour of her own turbulent emotional life).

We see two colliding galaxies, pulling streamers of star-clusters in different directions, spilling light and radio signals in all directions. We see a Cup. We see a winged horse, ironically closely named to Perseus, as Pegasus. And underneath it all, a young man with a half-smile, almost invisible.

Almost invisible, that is, with the exception of his eye, which, surrealistically, dominates the upper-neck and head of the horse, a human eye looking straight at us from a horse prancing to the right: an animal subject to animal passions but with the clarity of human consciousness.

That one detail, the eye and its relation to the horse, is quite possibly the eeriest thing I've seen in years. I keep coming back to the card to meet its gaze.


Here's the image :)

This is one of my favourite courts. I feel we really managed to capture the romantic idealism of the Knight of Cups, while keeping a touch of cosmic mist and mystery. ;)


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Was that odd juxtaposition of human eye and horse-head intended from the start, or was it a happy accident that you decided to go with?