Quantum Tarot: the Queen Pentacles


Ah, here we have the charmer amongst the deck, the image most likely to prompt a spontaneous smile. Why? We all like it when a pretty young woman makes eye contact with us and smiles openly without a trace of guile or calculation, and the Queen of Earth, in the top-left of the card, is doing exactly that. In the bottom-right of the image, her planet, wreathed in cloud, hangs mysteriously in space, protected by a giant out-of-focus Pentacle. The whole card is washed in green, the symbolic colour of Earth at least on a planet dominated by chlorophyll-based life-forms, and hints of vegetative matter loom in and out of various parts of the image depending on your concentration. Perfectly circular white orbits (as opposed to the elliptical orbits we know to be more accurate) etch themselves subtlely through the card, with ghosts of planetary spheres strung on them. This is such a happy card to look at.

There's not much I can say about earth, without talking for the rest of my life. We live in it. It is the ground of our being. We, arguably, are the temporarily out of control microbial disease that irritates its skin. The Queen is its mediator, and communicates between humans and the heart of the planet. As such, she is both human flesh and green, leafy matter. She is the trustee, the custodian, the arbitrator. She thinks in Geological Time as easily as she thinks in Human Time, and consoles herself at the sight of our less than perfect behaviour, with the thought that this, too must pass. As did the methane-laden atmosphere, and the Age of Reptiles.

And as she looks optimistically out of the card at me, I hear her ask: "What do you need to approach with patient wisdom?"


Yes, this is a very friendly and approachable QoP :D Which is appropriate, as she symbolises the planet Earth, our amazing home. It's easy to take the Earth for granted and not realise how unique and special it really is. Studying the universe, even in the cursory way that I did for this deck, really makes you understand this specialness. The universe is unimaginably huge, but (so far as we know) there is nowhere like the Earth. It's a beautiful, precious jewel. Even if there are other Earth-like planets out there, I still reckon they'll be rare, exotic beasts. The universe ain't like Star Trek, where you run across an Earth-like planet every day of the week ;)


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Which is why it is so important for this Queen to be the custodian. The Knight fights for the earth (the echo-warrior), the King rules it, the Page grows into ownership of it, but the Queen tends it, cares for it, weeps over it, loves it. Somebody has to do that.

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Nisaba, re: passed ages. My roommate used to say, referring to Mother Earth and human-caused problems on Earth: "We'd better watch out. We don't want MOM to fix the problem, do we!" Might be usable as a reverse meaning, for those who use them.

LEO 62: I don't know who the model is, but she is very well chosen for this card. Even to the nice oval shape of her face. I notice that planet Earth is a birth mark, bringing a glow to her cheek!