Quantum Tarot - the Ten Cups


This is the second time I have pulled a card today to discuss, been reasonably sure I have already discussed it, checked the study group list, and found I haven't. Or it's not showing. Given that this was the second time in less than an hour, I physically went searching back through the forum, too, but didn't find it.

Oh well, Ten Cups, here we go. I hope no one minds a reprise.

We see a vertical doughnut-shaped wheel in the middle of hte card dominating it completely, rainbows running around the outer surfaces of the doughnut, and two other rainbows, one fainter than the other, almost-perpendicular to it, at slightly different angles (not parallel, then, to each other). In the distance are the odd star. Scattered around, some close and some a long way away, are ten Cups apparently positioned randomly to complement the fiery wheel.

Because that is what this is. "Spiral Galaxy" by name, we are viewing it from an angel that makes it look more like a pneumatic tyre of light. The slight crustiness on the inner ring are star-clusters within the galaxy. The blaze of light at its centre is the galactic core, where suns are so close together that they are fusing into a bowl of shared diffuse ignited gases and where, arguably, there is a lurking black hole sucking everything in, creating a gravitational vortex that actually makes spirals out of spiral galaxies which would otherwise be large shapeless star-clusters.

Fifteen or sixteen years ago, a non-physical teacher of mine took me for a walk to the centre of our galaxy once as a learning experience for me, and it was about the oddest kind of space you can imagine. Even the dimensions weren't proper. It was a good thing I left my body behind in bed ...

Even now, as I look at that card, I am drawn to the intense light of the superhot centre of the galaxy, and I remember. No wonder the Ten Cups is about fullness of heart.


This is such an unambiguously happy card that there doesn't seem much to say about it. :D

The 10 of Cups is where I'd like to live. I see it as a happy, sunny home full of contentment, representing emotional security and healthy creative functioning.

But perhaps that's just me. ;)

For me, a spiral galaxy represents something that is at the height of its function. Energy is flowing, in and out, and its full of light and life. Like a star, the galaxy has reached a level of functionning that is both stable and dynamic. There it is, and it's beautiful. :D


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