Quantum Tarot - the Ten Swords


<smile> Every time I pull a card from this deck to talk about here, I tend to pull something relevant and topical to me, and at the moment it's about challenges, difficulties, negativity and destruction.

Subtitled "Star Death", this card shows us a shadowy figure tumbling through space, an arm flung outwards, no supports at all, with an exploding star pushing away gas envelopes at the figure's heart, ten blades in groups of three pointing inwards from the edges of the card to skewer the dying star or the figure's heart. There is no peace in this card: where there is no darkness there is a death-throe of light and gas. Is there any hope? Everything is being torn apart, blown apart. Everything is crumbling, and will collapse.

This heat and destruction will last for aeons, and it will be followed by further aeons of darkness and cold. During this period particles will be drawn together by their own gravity, until ultimately they ignite into new stars with their promise of new life; but for now it is hard to see past the wholesale destruction.

The book asks: "What fears do you need to confront?" It might well add: what pain do you need to endure, what needs to die, what needs to collapse around you. This card show us collapse. This card shows the moment when the author write: The End.