Quantum Tarot: The Two Wands


Like Strength, which I have already commented on, and a lot of other cards in this deck, this card shows a boiling maelstron of superheated gases and other substances. It is about planetary formation, according to the LWB. Two bars of solidified "Fire" frame the action. Lightning, essential fire, crackles diagonally between them, crossing on a misty green planet. A disc of pre-planetary gases or a lump of solar fusion balls up above it. Below it, hot solar winds are seen as red netting across the darkness. At the bottom left, a man's head, lit an eerie orange and looking rather Kryton-like, looks up in shock and awe. Something dynamic is happening here: nothing is formed or finished, but something amazing is taking place.

In Tarot, I find all the twos very closely related, more so than other pip cards. Everythign is about pairing and polarity. The Two Cups is a pairing of a polarised couple. The Two Swords is about two-mindedness, either in conflict with anotehr or in conflict with oneself. the Two Pentacles is about juggling resources versus wants, the real and hte unreal. And hte polarity with the Two Wands is about energy, force and direction. That there is a lot of energy around is evident in the heat and lightning. That it is pulling in two directions is evident in the two poles connected by lightning.

When this card comes up, I often suggest to people that they wait a bit longer for things to unfold before committing themselves to a course of action, otherwise they might find, given time and additional information, that they may have committed to a direction that is not the best for them.

I actually find this card quite beguiling, really pleasing and rewarding to look at.


Yeah I like it too :D It was a tough card to get right - went through almost as many versions as the Magician. I often think of this card as being about process rather than the final product - or decision - hence the proto-planet at the centre is still a bit vague and gaseous looking.


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You know, that's a really good take on it, although I normally would have had the process or the decision sitting in the Seven Cups. Perhaps the Seven is a multitude of choices decision whilst this is a two-way decision: an on-off switch, yes or no, condense into a planet or remain as a cloud of rubble.

There are so many *people* in this deck - I had no idea space was so crowded!


nisaba said:
There are so many *people* in this deck - I had no idea space was so crowded!

For me, this card is not so much about a multitude of choices (or distractions) like the 7 of cups, it's more to do with *one particular thing* that's in the process of taking shape. It's hard to pin down because it has not quite incarnated yet. It's like something moving towards us from far away, on the horizon, and we're waiting for it to get closer and come into focus. I think of the 2 of wands as about starting to formulate a plan rather than making a choice. But that's just me. :D