Quantum: The Seven Pentacles


This card, subtitled "Quarks", shows us a shadowy male figure in a suit silhouetted on the right side of the card looking away from the observer and into the rest of the card. A large ghost-image of a Pentacle with a particle at its centre dominates the top of the card, and six others are tumbling along a line of light that starts at the top-right corner of the card and ends at his feet. Between the line of light with the Quarks/Pentacles and the figure is a bright, distant blaze of light, a point of orientation.

Quarks, a family of fundamental particles, come in six "flavours", two of which are charmed and strange, which is pretty amusing. I have a theory there's an undiscovered seventh flavour: "Peppermint". Only two of these particles are actually the building-blocks of stuff - the other four tend to bounce around and fizz and break down into those two, and no one is yet sure what function they serve. There are plenty of quarks, but only a minority of them are stable and dependable. The book suggests that a "careless abundance" for this card is well symbolised by this card, and that it asks us to appreciate what we have whilst we have it, because it may not always be around.

I personally always see an element of hard work, of effort, in the sevens generally. To me, the Seven Pentacles, indicates the potential for future abundance - if we pull our fingers out and do something about it. To me, if we are careless the abundance won't be all that abundant, and the card suggests that we may need to apply ourselves consciously and conscientiously to achieve best possible outcomes. In this deck, too, the card seems to function in this way - but I could be completely wrong.

Perhaps I just batter my decks into submission, so that they will read the way I want them to <grin>.

Does anyone else have any thoughts about this card?