Quantum-Touch 2.0 - The New Human


Quantum-Touch 2.0 - The New Human: Discovering and Becoming.

this was a gift to me from a friend who owns a metaphysical store though I was planning on buying it..
I wondered what new techiques would be in it, for with the sequels to quantum touch one,, there was super charging, core transformation.
so I wondered if it was just a repacking of the core transformation 1 and 2 techiques into the quantum touch. why I say that is the person who was teaching the core techiques broke off and developed his own method/modality.

so I quickly devoured the book and was disappointed at first for there wasn't any earthshattering technique (these days if one studies a lot of modalities ,, there hardly is).
but after reading it twice,, I remember an unrelated book on mediumship where the guide told the person "open the heart first " so as I read the book that phrase kept popping into my head.

all that happens in this new qt is you open up your heart,, build up some heart energy and share it/send it to a person body parts and let that heart energy raise up the vibration of the part so it can heal itself.

the other chapters are about the body parts like the head and where you can send it,, if one just feels ok sending it to the head in general then they can skip the chapter.

you direct it with your gaze though Richard Gordon makes it clear that you aren't using your third eye energy but just your will as you guide it.(I would imagine though that the third eye can't be but be involved as you use your eyes ).
and as I am writing this ,, I guess you could your hands as well like you are using the force !1 (said with much mirth).

I have tried it on two people so far,, both have said they felt peaceful and relaxed and felt tired, all the while I sit there and do the qt2 heart energy and combine It with the super charging chakras spine,, and energy pattern of unan..
so i felt silly but i kept it up for i wanted to see if it worked. (i also described it as the carebear stare to the clients).

for someone who is new they dont' need to buy qt 1, or supercharging, or core transformation to use this book, and this technique.
i guess 4 starts out of 5 is good for this simple technique, and the book.