Queen of pentacles


Hi, I'm pretty new to this forum and to the tarot. I was going back and forth trying to learning RW but then saw this beautiful deck and fell in love. anyway.... i just need some help in understanding the Queen of pentacles. Also, is there a study group still going on on this deck?


Have a look at this list
There are a few threads about her, as well as being mentioned in other threads not titled Queen.
Eventually we will get to her in the 'sets study'


Thanks Lunalafey. I'm trying to understand how this study group works. Thanks so much for replying.


Two paths of study going on

Robin, there are two paths of study relative to the Fey tarot that is currently going strong. One is studying the Fey cards that have a numerlogical value of "1" and of "2" (2 is the latest thread). The other is comparing the Fey symbolism with the Waite-Smith tarots (the several versions of this deck are all similar except for the coloring). We have some other questions and activities as well interspersed with our primary studies.

The summer period has been a little slow on all of the threads as well as other tarot sites, we expect that to change in a weeks time as summer holidays end.

Feel free to ask any questions or participate in any activities. We look forward to seeing more of you. Dave.


Thanks Dave.
I appreciate you clearing up this information for me as I was a little confused. Looking forward to participating with the study groups.


Robin said:
Thanks Lunalafey. I'm trying to understand how this study group works. Thanks so much for replying.
Dadsnook already gave you a run down, but if you want to read up from the beginning about how the current study came to be, starting point
this is the first thread, last post in the thread refers you to another thread :D

also, there are quite a few threads that are independant of the current study we have that are really fun-
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fey you are
fey family


Queen of Pentacles

Robin, I noticed that preliminary drawings for this Queen are shown in the Fey Tarot book of pages 11 and 21. It is interesting to see different developments of the concept and illustration process.

This Fey differs from many of the other Feys: her hair is done up, she is elaborately clothed, her dragon-fly wings are pink (only five other Fey share this -- 2/swords, 3 &5 of chalices, the charioteer, and the wise women in the wheel).

Her Pentacle seems to be the only one having a Sun and Moon on it -- the Knave rides a Pentacle with a Moon on it, and others have Suns or Flames on their Pentacles.

The Queen seems to be very comfortable and understands the male-female or ying-yang flow of interpersonal and universal cycles. It is this awareness that permits her to enjoy life and her role in it. Three "lights" or points of spirit speak to relationships and her inviting smile to encourage others to come to her. This is certainaly a warm and very friendly card. It also suggests a strong ability to control the nature of sharing and the roles that other play in interactions.

One of the early illustration concepts on page 11 shows a rather rakish and less-femine Queen -- very unlike the very open and friendly Queen published in the deck.

Anyways, these are my rather delayed thoughts on the Queen. Now that summer is over I expect we will see more postings here. Dave.