Queen of Swords


I thought Id start a thread on this queen because she's been my daily 2 times in a row now and I noticed there is no thread on her at all.

This card is mostly in black/grey and white except for her eyes being red, her lips being blue and the sword engraved red in her forehead. Her face is shown up close and you can just see the city in the far left background.

To me, it seems a very cold card going by the colours, very grey. It seems as if this queen can only focus her thoughts on herself in her own mind. She is shutting everything else around her out. Is she worrying about something or does she have alot going on in her life that is making her shut everything out around her?

Does anyone have any thoughts about this card, particularly her blue lips and red eyes?


Have a look.
I remembered something about this Queen being posted a while back.
I have not seen her in any of my readings in a long time.
Would you like to do an 'Interview' study with her?


Thanks for putting in the links Lunalafey :) I will have a good read of them and I definitely want to do a Interview study with this queen. Ive also seen some of the other Interview study threads and I intend to get into them too. I might start over the weekend.


just picturing the card in my head now....she seems very capable of clear thought - able to say it like it is, without being distracted by emotions..