question about auras


I don't see auras and don't know that much about it, except people who can read auras normally do it with there physical sight I think anyway.
so my question is if it is possible to sense/see auras when your eyes are shut?

I had this strange experience the other night with my partner while we where hugging, my eyes where shut and I had flashes of a light pink and white colours within my inner minds eye spinning slowly, normally I get this in mediation, normally shades of reds, greens, blues, and purples, I have mostly always associated this to colours within the chakra system but I'm not aware of any pink in the chakra system, I would assume pink is associated with love in aura meanings, so I'm wondering if I was sensing our aura between us at the time, as I was upset that day and he was comforting me, pink is a colour that I have never experienced before which is why it has led me to wonder if this experience could be linked to sensing auras.

Any help on what others think this could have been would be very appreciated.

Thanks :)


Yes. I only see glimpses with my eyes open...but see them all the time in my mind's eye...very detailed in fact.


I've never know them to seen through the minds eye before, I'll be shutting my eyes around certain people know to see if something like that happens again.

Thanks for replying :)


Yes, you can.


Just speaking in terms of human sensory perception....

A friend of mine sees auras. We're talking about actual visual perception. Like can't turn it off when his eyes are open. Depending on the shade of light, he perceives how low or negative the person's energy is.

If he closes his eyes, he can't see the auras around people. But like me, he senses energy and that's not a visual sense. I see it as two different types of physical sensory perception. Third eye/minds eye is extra sensory perception, so in a different category. In that sense, yes, you can visualize that way with eyes shut.

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Thanks for everyone's replays, something for me to maybe work on developing over time, I've read also that studying magic eye pictures can help with the development of seeing/ sensing auras.

Anyway thanks again for the conformation of sensing auras, something else for me to add to my list of learning lol


Auras are energy, and we don't see energy with our physical eyes, we see it with the part of the brain that people call the third eye :) Like when a medium says "I see a lady with you" they won't actually see her with her eyes but in their minds eye. Usually.


Glad that Empress Arwen replied, as I was going to say she could see auras & you could ask her. I rarely can see them, myself, but when I have, I've noticed them with my eyes closed & in my minds eye. EmpressArwen is very good withthis ability.

I have seen a book that teaches you how to developthat ability, but I can't recall the title or author. But imsure if you are interested, you can google for it to find it.


Thanks mb & cn,

I don't experience it much myself, just comes and goes at certain times for me, had a look on Amazon there's a few books about maybe get a book later on about it, shame a don't have a kindle could download the books a lot cheaper lol


Thanks mb & cn,

I don't experience it much myself, just comes and goes at certain times for me, had a look on Amazon there's a few books about maybe get a book later on about it, shame a don't have a kindle could download the books a lot cheaper lol

yeah--I know what you mean. I wish I could see them easier myself. My daughter sees them, and when she was in school, it use to make me laugh when she'd come home from school and speak about this one teacher who in her words, "Honestly mom! He has a dirty red color ALL around his body!" :laugh: She didn't know she was seeing auras, and I know his red color was due to him being a hothead. He was overall a good teacher, but he was not a favorite of any of the students, and he was a mean teacher too, most of the time. very hard on the kids.

Anyway, I sometimes toy with buying that book myself, to learn--but I have yet to do so. I'm interested in EVERYTHING and am always starting projects. I think I'll wait and finish the projects I have going on now before starting yet another one. (Or so I say). :D

As for the kindle, you can download the kindle on your pc for free, I believe. Then you can get books for next to nothing. Also a lot of freebie books. Google that as well--the free kindle. I think it can be downloaded free on the apple computers as well. I do think about doing that as well, except that I already have a nook, which I love and I am always downloading books from the library and NYstate library as well. I have more then enough 'book' apps on my computer for the time being. I don't need one more. :laugh: