Question? About daily Cards


Hello all,
I have a question, yesterday when i was doing a daily reading! I got same cards that i thought that i should do a 7 card reading..Any way could someone else please give me your insight on the card's that i have received? They were ...
5 of pentacles ( Reversed)
The devil
8 of cup's
7 of cups
Wheel of fortune ( reversed )
Page of pentacles
Ace of wands

No i believe that they maybe tell me something that I've had on my mind for a long time,But I don't understand there meaning fully..
Thank you for your help..


I have a few questions for you.... Did you ask a question of these cards? Did you have a meaning for each card's position? such as: past, future, self, etc? Or do you just follow along like it's a sentence?

Rhiannon :)