Question about Wands Re: Grimaud Marseille


I recently acquired the Grimaud Marseille deck, and had a question about the suit of Wands. For example: on the 8 of wands we see the two curved sets of wands, with one in the middle, but if you count all the wands, there isn't 8 of them there! There is either more or less(more I think...can't remember right now). What is up with this?? It is kinda confusing! if there wasn't a Roman numeral there, I wouldn't know what card it was.

Would appreciate a little help!


1) curved are swords?

2) 4 on each side.

3) odd numbers have the odd one down the middle (both swords and wands) are looking at a seven.


Trust's an eight. Curved is wands.....swords are also curved, but have an actual sword on the cards....and it works out to be more than four on either side.


Oops! My bad. Curved is swords...straignt is wands. I just counted, and there are 17 wands on the ten of wands...JMD help!!


It isn't easy at the beginning to tell what you are looking at or for on the Grimaud Marseilles.

As an exercise, I'd put the Club and Sword pips in order. Count through them from 1 to 10 until you see what exactly counts as one wand and one sword. Repeat till you will know what you are looking for. I find the Swords even less graphically appealing, if only because the hilts are very stylized, and there seems to be one on each end.