Question abt the Witches Tarot


I have started to ask this in a thread that talk about the court cards, but there's no reply so I started a new tread:

In the LWB that came with the Witches Tarot deck, it said that whenever you see a court card(card A), you'll have to put another card on top of it(card B),

now, the court card have meanigns like:
the notion suggestion on card B will be:
1) on creative urge
2) have magifested
3) is starting to take shape


but when a court card comes on top of the court card, i kinda get really lost...

Any suggestions?

(although i would really, really, like to read those court cards the traditional way, you think it's proper?)


What you get in the Witches Tarot deck is only Ellen Canon Reed's personal opinion on how to read the Tarot and Court cards. It's the way she does it, but if you don't feel comfortable with doing it, you don't have to.

I got the Witches Tarot about 9 months ago, and also found what you're talking about quite confusing, so I decided to give up doing it, and carry on with what I felt comfortable doing.

However, if you still wanna do what Reed suggests, next time you get a Court on a Court, just keep on placing cards on top until you get a card which isn't a Court...

Good luck,



i've have the witches tarot for a while now. when i first got it, i read both of her books, and realized how much work would be involved in using the deck the way she describes it. not that its not a valid method, it's just a lot of work, and it's work that may or may not be suitable for other decks. certainly, the qabala correspondances would be useful, and i occasionally look at her interpretation of a card for a second opinion. but i put the deck down, and really don't use it very much. with over 20 decks in my collection, it's not one of my favorites.

i guess the bottom line is that the deck doesn't really speak to me.

luv and light,


Smalloli- in general I flip another card over on a Court card, but I ALWAYS do it on a Page!

Once I lay out the number of cards required in a spread, then I go back to use what I call 'clarifyier' cards. The reason I always do it on a Page is that I tend to see Pages as messages or news, and use the next card to try to find out what the news is. Sometimes you want to know more about the change the Knight might be telling you about. It's an OPTION, not a requirement.


Thanx all!