question bout Druidcraft 7 pent

Dancing Bear

Had no idea where to put this ..sorry..

But i am having troubles with a card , which is not normally the this is my main deck ..and have never had this problem before..
But i am having troubles with 7 pentacles...
he is coming up in nearly every single spread for others... in some spreads the meaning comes easy in most it is not....

can someone tell me what he means to them? like in the intuitive way... not text book meaning...
Basically how do you see him?

sorry moderators I have just seen the "Using Tarot" Board.... are you able to shift me please ...


This card reminds me of the chives I have growing in my garden....even when it's cold and snowy in the middle of winter if we have a little warm spell the chives start coming up and I can go out and pick them to use for cooking.
So amazing to be using things out of the garden in the winter...but if I wouldn't have planted them in spring I wouldn't have them in the winter to give me a little taste of summer. :)

So when I see this card I see how he planed on picking mistletoe..I envision him in the summer walking throught the woods and seeing that plant growing on the tree, and he marked it in his memory...saying "I will remember to come back and pick those when they are in fruit."

If I see my chives when I flip the card I know it means that my client has placed something in his memory or in an actual material way in his life that he can go back and retrieve now to help with his situation.
It maybe winter for him, but there is something to harvest, something to give him the hope of spring.


Dancing Bear, I know you've posted in the Druidcraft study group, did you read the section about 7 Pentsthere? There are lots of good insights from other readers about this card.

Perhaps there is something going on in the 7th House astrologically. When a particular card pops up in almost all readings that aren't otherwise related, I start looking at the stars, it could be some trend going on that is affecting a large group in some way or another.

Think of this card as everything in it's season, you can't rush it, push it, or do more than wait until the time is ripe for the harvest. In this card, it is still winter, but there is growth and harvest yet to be had for the taking... all is not dead, but resting until the push of spring brings it all back, bursting with life.

But also this card is going to mean something different for each and every one of those readings.
Mistletoe is holy and sacred, and good for kissing under... it is also a parasitic plant. I've thought of it as pregnancy before, because a baby takes what it needs from it's mother/host, much like a parasite and is born when it's good and ready, no matter what the mother or any one else wishes.


I think that timing is one of the themes of this card and especially this DruidCraft version.

He's picking mistletoe and it's my understanding that for magical work the timing of when the mistletoe is picked is very important.
This card to me is a card about knowing when to act and when to accept that you've done all you can and it's time to leave well alone and let nature and time take it's course.

Does that help with your situation?

Dancing Bear

Thankyou so much ...
Yes it has helped !
I must be going through a block at the moment.. as the 9 of Penatcles is also giving me grief...
Good idea to reflect on astrology... I will do that..
I was also going to see if these two cards actually reflect my own life,
like they are coming up as a message for myself also...maybe this is why i am noticing them... ?? Just a thought...