Question for those lucky one who hav the MARSEILLE TAROT: TOWARDS THE ART OF READING

The Happy Squirrel

Question for those lucky one who hav the MARSEILLE TAROT: TOWARDS THE ART OF ...

Good point! And no need to choose then :)

I read lots and lots of books on RWS type decks. Some of the were good, some of them not so good. I read a few books on Crowley type deck. I did not get a good understanding of Crowley deck and the kabala. Until I read the Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot by Lon Milo Duquett .at Gregory's advise. So I thought I do smarter this time, start with reading only the really good books on the topic.


(both books are in my amazon baschet :) - the third one, the Jean Michel David's book is expensive even at Lulu (almost $50). I thought to buy the eBook and print it out but since it'is huge (a valuable info found also in this thread) I have to think about it)

Considering how much people seems to be willing to pay for some decks of cards, I think this book is well worth it's price at

But yes, the e-book version is much cheaper and there is a thread here somewhere discussing what Adobe app you need to download to your tablet and what to do first before you can see your e book on your device, etc. So once you figure that out it sounds like it is an OK process over all.

I was just not patient enough and decided that I prefer physical books when studying something anyway.


I figured with the money I saved getting the PDF of this essential book, I could always print it.

rylla available as e book or physical book. I cancelled my e book after some difficulty with downloading to my tablet (I am technologically challenged and only know how to download books on kindle), I swapped it for a physical book. The book is huge! :) nice big pictures of cards though so me like :)

Color pictures? Or b&W?

The Happy Squirrel

Black and white :)