Question: is he my soulmate? Answer: Tobaira of the Waters...


I was carrying out this spread:


Past Life
1: You
2: Lover
3: Relationship
4: Outcome

Present Life
5: You
6: Lover
7: Relationship
8: Outcome

9: How you feel about lover
10: How lover feels about you
11: What you think about lover
12: What lover thinks about you

13: Your desires of lover
14: Lovers desires of you
15: Is lover your soulmate
16: How relationship will always be between you and lover

I understand all the cards perfectly except that one. It's a positive card, and I already know he is my soulmate, I just can't quite work out what the card is telling me. Is it that we are soulmates but in each lifetime our relationship develops and changes like the flow of water? I've probably answered my own questions, but am just interested in your ideas :)

Thanks guys!


What position within the spread was this card?


it was number 15


Sagewriter would you mind proving me with all of the cards that pertain to that section of your reading? That would help me put Tobaira into context and provide you with feedback if you still want some.


hey there, i ended up with:

1: Geeeeeooo the Slooow
2: The Singer of Healing
3: Iris of the Rainbows
4: The Rarr
4: Myk the Myomancer
6: The Pook
7: The Friends
8: Lys of the Shadows
9: The Sage
10: Ffaff the Ffooter
11: The Oak Men
12: The Faun
13: The Fee Lion
14: The Dark Lady
15: Tobaira of the Waters
16: He of the Fiery Sword

Thanks for helping me out :)

Sage xx


Thanks Sagewriter. It will take me some time to work this out, but as soon as I do I will post a reply to your original question. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for your help Jewel :)