Question on *Faeries' Oracle (Fraud)*



I'm going to be a new user of the Faires Oracle, does anyone know the history of Oracle cards?

* I don't how to treat them compared to the rest of my tarot decks. Is there any extra special way to treat them?

*Also would anyone be able to help me with a reading or possibly give me a reading so that i may have a better understanding of the oracle cards?

I would be DEEPLY appreciative to anyone & everyone that would be willing to help me out.


Thanks a whole bunch



This is the perfect place to start!

Welcome ccbmac :)

I don't know the general history of oracle cards but I know according to Froud he tried making faery tarot decks but that the faeries wouldn't have it--they wanted their own untraditional deck. The faeries are very unique and fun. The Faeries' Oracle is one of my best reading decks. I'm sure most of us here, including myself, would love to help you interpret a reading or give you a reading with the Faeries' Oracle deck. I treat the Faeries much more personally than my other decks and I don't think of them as cards but rather as unique beings--faeries. I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me or contact me via forum, AIM: Lightlike, Yahoo: mildnmeek19, or ICQ: 13667174.

Enjoy your faeries!


Thank you for the welcome Lightlike

Thank you

This helped out a great deal, i definately don't want to treat my faires with any disrespect.

Thank you much



Hey, Ccbmac~

I just bought the Faeries' Oracle last week (it's the only deck i have). All I know about the history of the deck was LightLike said in her reply.

As far as how to treat this deck, I think that this deck is a lot more personal than other tarot decks. While I really don't have much experience with traditional tarot decks, this one seem to be very different than the others. It's very lighthearted and fun, and some of the things that Jessica Macbeth says about each card in her book are absolutely hilarious! This is a great deck to add to your collection. Who knows, after you've used it for a while, maybe you'll have experiences with the like some of the other people on this board :)

Also, I'd be delighted to do a reading for you. You can IM me (my screennames are below in my signature), PM me on here, or email me at

Faerie Lin

This deck is awesome. You want specifics?..., the faeries give it to you like it is. I just adore this deck, its packed full of information and advice.



Another quick question

Is there a book that you would recommend me reading to get better aquainted with either the fairies or the oracle aspect?



The faerie oracle book is one of the best books you'll find. It has all of the info you could need. Don't worry about how to treat the cards- the faeries will let you know loud and clear. It's one of the most intuitive/interactive decks I have come across. Trust me when I say that the more fun, and foolishness you have with this deck- the better results you will get. Don't get bogged down or take it too serious- you will just block the energy.


Thank you for the heads up :)

its greatly appreciated.


Hi, Chrissy! :)

I absolutely *adore* my Faeries Oracle deck. It's lively, fun, honest, and absolutely sings to me.

I don't think you'll need any other books than the one that goes with the deck. However, you can always buy other books on faeries if you'd like. But the book explains everything I've needed to least so far. ;)

I treat my deck kindly, but with a great deal of fun and light-heartedness. I have a woodsy looking (fall because the leaves are brown on the limbs) bag that I bought for it from Tarot Totes. I keep it in there, but the deck also enjoys sitting out with me.

If you haven't done the exercises at the front of the book yet, take a little bit to do them. I enjoyed it a lot and got better acquainted with my deck before I started using them.

Catcha later,


If you haven't already - DON'T read any of the descriptions for the cards until you do the exercises at the beginning of the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's much more fun that way and helps you to connect with the faerys better!! :D

I LOVE my faerys oracle and I have to second and third the thoughts that they are much more than cards. They are the faerys to me. I don't talk of the different faery cards - I speak about the different faerys! They're real to me!!! LOL I haven't gone off the deep end, they just seem to be real faerys to me - much more than cards!!!