The Magnet Spread:

What do I attract?
What do I repel?


Just found this one by Umbrae in another thread and thought it was a nice one for finding your way out of the dumps.

1) Where is the first star on the right.

2) How far away is morning?


Thanks for finding and posting that one Jema, I like it!

Glass Owl

This is one of my favorite threads here in Tarot Spreads. I really love two card spreads. They work great for oracle decks and tarot, or even mixed readings. Here are a few more:

The Ball and Chain Spread (2) by Glass Owl
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1. The Ball: What you are carrying around
2. The Chain: Why you can't let go of it


Bittersweet Spread (2)
Source: Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot LWB


1. "Give me something sweet"
This card shows the "sweetness" of the situation: its pleasures, potential for happiness, benefits or gifts.

2. "Give me something bitter"
This card shows you the "bitterness" in the situation: possible loss or damage, emotional upsets, the costs and consequences.

Weigh the bitter against the sweet and make your own decision about how to proceed.