Rana's Deck


Rana George has just announced that her Lenormand deck is available for preorder at U S Games... just thought I would share..her book really opened up doors for me.


It is just another "Lenormand" deck among many only nothing about it makes me want to have to buy it except the backs. I do like the backs. The kid playing marbles is cute, but the drawing seems like the 70s or something. Stars are not bad. I do like the woman.

I think it is the "Mosaic" that puts me off and especially as it is "brown". I like lively colors.

I think the WOMAN is really cool actually.

As for "39" - a mystery card and an empty room.

DND :)


I agree that the artwork is "nothing special," but at least it's accomplished and not overly crude. It won't go to the top of my list of "must-have" decks, though.


I have so many Lenormands I don't really need another. But I do like that her deck has a personal spin with its nod to her Lebanese heritage! It does make it a little different from other decks out there, to try to stand out.

While the art style isn't particularly my thing, I do like the color palate and the archway mosaic designs.

Her book is one of my favorites, too.


I like it because it represents Rana's biographical perspective. The colors and theme appeal to me, and I find its artwork straightforward and engaging. Most of all, it is Rana's deck - I think of her as one of my primary teachers in the Lenormand lineage, so I look forward to receiving it.


The deck reflects Lebanon and has nice warm colors, but honestly I don't find it special or really appealing (for me).


i like it very much, and will certainly pre-order it. Rana knows her stuff...:love:
i miss her presence on AT. [She was ashtaroot, for those who remember].


I think I will order when it's available on Amazon as I really like Rana's teaching and approaches.


I think it's magical!! I can't wait to own it!!