Re-awakening [deck as lifeline]


After an almost two-year long artistic dry spell, I've been hit with this strange and wonderful inspiration. I don't know how long the momentum will keep up, but I've sketched out 6 cards in one week and the images all but drew themselves - I'm in utter utter artsy heaven. So even though I have 72 sketches to go (and 78 paintings o_O; ), I still feel great about this deck.

I don't know how much my image host can take, but we'll see how it goes. ^_^

The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The World

(apologies for the icky compression)


Hi Tetra, welcome to the forums! :)

These look really exciting!

I especially adore the Fool and the Emperor. GREAT stuff!
I'm really curious as to what they'll look like in colour.

Please keep us posted! :)


Isn't it great when art really comes together? You can always focus on the major arcana alone, that's only 22 images, and maybe expand to the rest of the deck later.

I like your High Priestess, Fool & World best (is that an Ophilia reference in that one?).

Don't stop, keep sketching. You mentioned paintings--have you thought of doing them just as pencil sketches? That's something rarely done, but the spontineaity (sp?) more than makes up for that--they can be printed on beige or marbled paper also, for added visual texture. Just wondering.


I love the Fool and high Priestess..... yummy



Welcome to At... Your sketches are stunning!! I envy you your inspiration... I used to always carry a sketch book with me and dabbled in painting pictures when I was younger, and some how lost my inspiration along the way....
I especially love your Fool... keep up the beautiful work!

Tetra that an Ophilia reference in that one?
Not intentionally. Ophelia's probably a bit too loopy for a card like that.
Oh, it doesn't show up very well, but her shawl and hair kind of flow out and transform into fields and trees.
have you thought of doing them just as pencil sketches?
I have, and if it really doesn't look like colour is feasible that's what I'll do. But I really have to practice my painting anyway! ^_~


You COULD do it both ways, and see which you like better. I know most people like 'finished' art, but with sketches (rough, finished, or whichever) think of the tarot reading implications in that--life is a work in progress, as shown by sketches.

They'd be cheaper to print also--no worries about color balances & such.



Love to have half you're talent!


Great emperor.....

..... I hope that you will continue your work it's really lovely....



those sketches are beautiful! I especially love the high priestess, the emperor and the world! when this deck ever gets published I'll definitely want it! keep up the good work!