re-start with lovers


He guys!

I while a go I've posted my first tarot card designs, but after those my inspiration vanished.
A well, there's a new love in my life and with it new energy and inspiration. What better card to start working on again than The Lovers!

This is just a pre-studie in colored pencil but it gives a nice idea of what my plans are for this card. I hope you like it!

Baby Owl

That is stunning, Temperlyne! Really beautiful.

Baby Owl


Thnx! I'm glad you like it.

eventually it will portay the story of Paris and Helena, somewhere in the background there will be two very dissapointed goddesses because Paris made a choice from the heart, and of course a golden apple.

I hope to add those soon,
love temperlyne


Calgon, take me away.


big confusions... "calgon, take me away" ???

divinerguy... do you care to explain what you just wrote to a silly dutch girl?


i really like this ..... you are a skilled drawer ..... keep going!!!


"calgon, take me away"

Ha ha! That's from an old tv commercial about Calgon bath beads, you basically soaked in the hot tub & forgot everything else around you. Divinerguy probably is saying this about what the woman in the card is thinking. (Right Divinerguy?) American tv commercial, probably didn't go international.


Very passionate drawing!

You're indeed talented! :)


a very nice drawing! I imagine you're planning the overall look for your cards as you read all these replies. Keep us informed on your progress, okay? I can't wait to see more!