RE The E-mail and readings over phone/internet


Hi all,

From what I read on the board, Most of you have "The gift of sight" as I like to call it.

Can you truly get a feel for a person you don't know over the internet or phone? I have always been skeptical about "phone Readings".


tiger lily

I have done readings over the internet, on a tarot list I was on. We?d swap readings; sometimes I didn?t even know the real name of the person I read for, only her screenname. No age, occupation, nada. Only the question and whatever background they gave me (which sometimes wasn?t very much). I don?t know how accurate I was, but *they* always claimed I was spot on. ::shrug::

I don?t think I have second sight. I don?t "see" things or get visions. I interpret spreads by stream-of-consciousness-writing and while I?m writing, things pop into my head - cards take on a meaning I haven?t thought of before. Everything falls into place. It?s actually hard to describe.

It was a very rewarding experience for me, because I had only been reading for myself before and I never had this experience of certainty in a reading for myself. It was only when I started reading for others that this set in and my confidence in my reading abilities got a big boost :)


the most accurate reading i've ever received was done by someone who i've never met face to face, and done via email. we've never even spoken on the phone.
luv and light,

Major Tom

Hey CJ! You could do it too. :) If you wanted to. }>


Have done readings via email; a few over phone. The email method works well according to those clients for whom I've read, using only the birthdate & the name. The lack of physical contact in person or by phone do not impede a reading.