Reader&#39s Block


For a while, no matter why I was pulling cards (readings, daily cards, just because) it was like everything was so clear. I mean, I was really clicking with my cards. My intuition and insight seemed to be at an all time high. For the past few days tho, it seems like my readings make no sense whatsoever. It feels like I woke up one day and couldn't read. The letters and words are there, I just can't make sense of them.
Has anyone else ever experienced periods like this? If so, how did you deal. Any suggestions for helping me overcome this. I am assuming it is only temporary. I hope!


I've had that happen before as well, but it usually just means that the deck I'm using needs a little rest. I have one deck that I do the majority of my readings with - pretty much about 95% or even more. But every once in awhile I find it gives me muddy and confusing messages. So I go to one of my backup decks and that usually fixes it.


Have done as Mojo. Switching to another deck usually remedies the problem. Or taking a day or two off Tarotwork, too.


Perhaps you could try just shuffling the cards a couple of times a day but not doing any actual readings - just to keep your cards tuned to you. I used to get the same problem when I was doing to many readings for myself. A few days off from reading and you should be fine :)


I do that too, but with a little twist: I take the cards I just dealt in my original deck, from another deck, and place them in a reading the same as the original deck... Those cards in excatly the same place. So I get two readings, both excatly the same, with two different decks. Then I compare images. Usually I find this jolts me into reading again, cuz I then have two sets of prompts infront of me...