reading a doodle


sometimes, when i'm in the mood, i get someone to doodle a little - whatever - on a piece of paper. i talk to them while they do it about many different things so that they don't focus on what they are doing.

then i read the doodle.

have you guys/gals tried this one? i love it but i don't do it often. hmmmm i wonder why? i guess cause i can just talk to their guides so i don't bother with the taking the time to let them doodle.


Dee 04

I sometimes do the "Draw a Picture" excercise that some therapists or counselors do with their clients. Although I am a therapist, I read it and interpret it from a more spiritual point of view.


Well, I've never read anyone else's doodles. Nor have I had mine read. Had my handwriting done once *grin* but that's not what you asked Jade. I guess the closest I can come is saying that what I draw in my serious drawings and cartoons comes to life. That sounds a little stranger than it should lol. Whatever is drawn by my hand generally comes into being. So in theory, I tell the future with my drawings. As me what the future is and I couldn't tell you. Give me a pencil, and I can tell you. Hey, that's how my current boyfriend arrived. I drew this man seemingly out of my head for years. Finally I meet him. He looks like the pictures. Give or take a hair style.


New River

wow jade, you freak me out! my newest designs are based on doodles! i've stylized them and they are very successful!

never thought of reading others doodles tho. interesting idea........

love, light and happiness, New River


new river,

i don't know if i'm a psychic witch or a psycho bitch.........those vowells and constanants keep changing. LOL

jade :D :D :D


I don't know if this is considered a doodle or not, but I am an Activities Assistant in a nursing home. I work mainly with people with mental retardation. One of their fav activities is drop painting. They pick a piece of colored paper and then I fold it in half. With what ever colors of paint they want they drop the paint on one side, when they are done, I fold it up and smoosh it on to the other half of the paper. When you open it up, you get some pretty amazing things.
What really blows me away is when the blobs of paint form a picture that describes the person who made it. One lady did one once and every blank spot looked like a heart. This lady loves EVERYONE. She does not have the capacity to hate. Another picture formed the most breathtaking butterfly I have ever seen. The man who did this had only been with us a short time, but was coming out of his depressed shell in leaps and bounds. I could go on forever with these examples.

I also started thinking, what about a Tarot Deck in this fashion? Sometimes when we do this, Tarot cards will pop into my head when I see the finished product. I could study a card, and then choose colors and patterns that shows what that card means to me and how it makes me feel. What do you think all?


StarShine: What a wonderful post! Those people are fortunate to have you overseeing their activities :)
If you are referring to a "Rorshach" Paintblot Tarot, similar to the Rorshach inkblot test, I love the idea of it!!
My sisters & I used to amuse ourselves drawing swirly doodles & then coloring them in to see what "pictures" formed. Also doing the paintblots, which always yielded interesting results. I used them to occupy my children, too--more fun than mere "finger-painting", & all of it very messy productions :D I miss those days...


Yes, I love my job. I tell people that I have the funnest job on earth. I get paid to fingerpaint, play Bingo, go to the zoo, go to movies.........Gotta love it! My administrator is also way cool. She even let's me practice my Tarot techniques on the more cognative residents (Not all are MR) and the other staff. As a matter of fact, it was her mother who called me in on my day off to do a Tarot Reading! The people I work with are so close to my heart! I have learned so much from them, sometimes I wonder who is teaching and rehabilitating who!!!!!
Thank you as well for the encouraging words, I was just sitting here looking for something to do, maybe I will call on my Inner Child and go play in the Paint!


a therapy technique that i developed for myself when i was healing from my childhood trauma's year ago was doing the swirling lines and then colouring it in whenever i was in deep crisis. usually the picture in the end gave me great insight into my pain.

great minds think alike (but fools seldom differ) LOL

love and light,
ps hi meewah!!!! how's that beautiful granddaughter of yours?