Reading exchange?


I enjoy using the Druidcraft Tarot deck, it's among my top five decks, and I'm willing to exchange readings if anyone else is game.


I would be well into exchanging a reading or two with you ...
I too love this deck.
It doesn't just speak to me it shouts from the mountain tops for me.

I have done many readings with ot and in fact i did a decision reading for a friend just this evening (I live in China By the way in case your wondering about the time scales hehehe) where he had been to three interviews..

!st reading was
High priest, four wands & Strength

This reading I took as quite auspicious, as I felt that the job would give him a happy and successful environment, with training and ongoing support to help further his career.

2nd was
5 cups, prince swords & king swords

This I took as his interview was unsuccessful as there was someone else who was better fitted for the said job and they got the position because they were simply better qualified.

3rd was
ace pentecals, Cernunnos & nine swords

I took this to mean that they were prepared to give him the chance to prove himself in the position but with no training nor help in the position. They would leave him to do the job by himself. This would cause him stress and anxiety and he may succeed or fail depending on how well he could perform.

I advised him to look at the first option ....

What say you ?